A man was in his local hospital, in the emergency room. He had been having trouble breathing and was being tested for the Corona virus. He was laying in bed with an oxygen mask on, understandably agitated. His nurse came in to check on him. After she had checked his vital signs, he motioned her close and, through the oxygen mask, asked her, "Are my testicles black?"

She was somewhat taken aback, as you can imagine. She gave him a somewhat hostile look, thinking he was trying to pull some kind of trick on her. "Sir, that is NOT something I'm going to check for." He asked her again, becoming more insistent, "Are my testicles black?" Again, she attempted to deflect the question. "Sir, I am NOT going to fall for a trick like that. AGAIN, even MORE insistently and with genuine concern, he asked again, fear becoming obvious in his voice, "Are my testicles black?"

Becoming worried the man may have had some sort of accident or illness before coming to the hospital which had been overlooked in the rush to check him for the virus, she attempted to calm him down. "Alright sir. I'll check. Please be calm." She lifted the sheet, then lifted the hem of his hospital gown. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, she assured him, "Everything appears normal, sir."

With that, he angrily reached up, yanked off his oxygen mask, and said loudly, "For crying out loud, lady... Are my test results back?!?!?!?!