This aircraft was owned by Ed Maloney and the Planes of Fame air museum for several years. Paul Allen had original Jumo 004 engines rebuilt and the 262 will fly using those engines and not modern engines like the Flugwerks versions.

As most readers are well aware, Paul G. Allen’s Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum (FHCAM) has one of the finest collections of vintage military aircraft and armament in the world. One of their most significant artifacts is Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe, which has been undergoing a long and painstaking restoration over the past decade or so on two different continents. Restoration updates are rare, of course, as the museum usually prefers to keep the details closely held until major milestones are approaching realization. And such is the case for the Me 262. The airframe began its restoration process with JME Aviation Ltd. in the UK back in 2007, and this is where much of the structural repairs to the wings and fuselage took place. When JME Aviation closed its doors in 2010, the project moved to Gosshawk Unlimited in Casa Grande, Arizona, and more latterly to Morgan Aircraft Ltd. in Arlington, Washington State.

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