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Thread: A Letter From Eagle Dynamics

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    Default A Letter From Eagle Dynamics

    A letter was posted on Eagle Dynamics' Facebook page, on 28 November. Here is part of it dealing with DCS WWII.


    An excerpt from "​A letter from Eagle Dynamics" - 28 November 2017 (bold highlights added by me)

    "Many of our new programmers and artists are responsible DCS World War II. They are separate from our main project (like the F/A-18C) developers, and they are not involved with the modern aircraft development efforts. Otherwise, it would not be practical/efficient to develop aircraft like the F/A-18C with staff split between projects. Also, DCS World War II is a great “school” for new programmers before they take on extremely complicated Modern Air Combat projects.

    We could deliver modern, complicated aircraft faster than we and our 3rd parties are already doing, but growing a business needs more and more revenue to grow the team and make better products. We were very surprised to find that the investment vs. generated revenue has been excellent for the World War II aircraft. In fact, the P-51D Mustang has twice the cost effectiveness of the A-10C Warthog.

    As you can see, DCS’s World War II series doesn’t compete with modern aircraft projects for development resources. In fact, it supports it!"



    Let me break this down into plain English.

    Dear WWII Simmer,

    We're producing content slowly because we're using the game to train new employees. When they get good enough, we take them off the project and put them on our modern sim. Hope you like paying for second rate work. By the way, we're never going to complete the project as promised on the Kickstarter page, because we're using the money we make off you to pay for more work to be done on our modern sim. The money you spend on DCS WWII will NEVER benefit you at all. Thanks for being our cash cow.


    Eagle Dynamics

    I knew it was bad, but this is an outrage. I will never give them a single dollar of my money, even if I have to play 20 year old sims. But wait, I can speak with my wallet and purchase the entire IL-2 series instead, and have one huge sim covering both the Eastern and Western front of the European Theater. I don't have to play their game at all, ever. Fine by me.


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    Hi, guys...

    I recently found a reference, on another website's forum, about ED not being honest with its customers. Following the references, I found this. It's a 2014 post from Eagle Dynamics' Senior Producer, Matt Wagner. The post is on the lines referenced by angle brackets like this. > My comments are below each part. Any bold text highlights are my addition.

    > June 2014 Update From ED (Matt "Wags" Wagner of ED -

    > June 7
    > No longer will RRG be developing this project and Luthier has ceased his involvement in the project with the
    > exception of helping with some manuals.

    RRG Studios consisted of Oleg Maddox and Ilya "Luthier" Shevchenko, and their employees. Maddox joined Shevchenko when 1C Games closed the "1C Maddox Games" division in 2009. Maddox and Shevchenko never developed much for DCS WWII to start with. It appears ED let the two "famous" guys go, rather than them deserting the project, as has been widely spread around. If "Luthier" had quit entirely and run off with the money, as has been widely stated, he wouldn't still be working on finishing the manuals he'd started. One major lie exposed. Shevchenko didn't "run off with the money."

    From my research, they had only produced some partially finished game manuals (referenced above) and Shevchenko was not "dealing well" with customer interaction. I wasn't able to find out whether that meant he was being rude to customers or whether he was being too open and revealing details ED didn't want released. ED may have released them to save money, or they may have released them to keep information private. That may never be known outside the top echelon of ED.

    > Eagle Dynamics though will be continuing its development and do our best to honor Kickstarter backer commitments.

    This clearly states ED was the primary developer from the beginning. Note they make no claim of taking over anyone else's part of the project, which they would be sure to announce loudly if such were the case, to take the heat off them. Two major lies exposed. They were the major developer from the get go.

    > June 8
    > The vast majority of funds needed to finance this project have and will continue to come from Eagle Dynamics
    > (not Kickstarter).

    This clearly states ED was the primary source of funding from the project from the beginning. They already said, in the Kickstarter campaign itself, the Kickstarter funds were a very small portion of the development costs of the game, so they can't cry "poor mouth" and say Maddox and Shevchenko ran off with all the money, which is something they have attempted (and largely succeeded in doing). Three major lies exposed. They were not financially unable to deliver all they promised in their Kickstarter campaign.

    > ...much of the former-RRG team is now working for Eagle Dynamics.

    Maddox and Shevchenko were given the boot and RRG Studios was "absorbed into" Eagle Dynamics. This is a common practice among game developers. Leave the old name (and the heat) behind, and claim to be an entirely new studio. For an example, "Piranha Games, Incorporated" (makers of Mechwarrior Online - MWO) have also been known as Jarhead Games, Rabbit Hole Interactive, and Infinite Game Publishing (IGP being a shell publisher created by the heads of PGI to get Canadian federal developmental funding. Note PGI and IGP are even the same initials, just reversed.

    I hate to know my suspicions are confirmed so fully, and that ED has been blowing smoke this entire time. I also hate the fact they were so skillful in spreading rumors leaving them blameless, and that so many people still believe them and repeat them so loudly. I repeat that I will never deal with a company that does this to their customers.

    All the best! S!


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    I was and am a major KickStarter contributor from the beginning, and read with interest *at the time* the letter you have referred to. I read it then, and read it now, differently than do you. I realized at the time that Eagle was the major contributor. Anyone that believes that the $100,000 dollars so so that Kickstarter raised was anything other than seed money is kidding himself. It no doubt wasn't seed money at all, but rather seen as a demonstration of the seriousness of the contributing members of the flight sim community in a truly serious combat flight simulator, as opposed to the current trend towards arcade like console games.

    While I'm not particularly pleased with the speed of development of DCS WWII, I'm very pleased with the depth of detail they are putting into it. I can be patient because I see the possibilities, and the likelihood of completion. I don't see the same thing in the competition, although I admit I'm not up to speed with some of the most recent developments.

    Bottom line, I don't read the letters, blurbs, and postings and draw the same conclusions that you do.

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