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Thread: Things that are "lost"

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    Default Things that are "lost"

    Looking to find the News article on the captured Bf-109 in the fighter skins downloads area.
    I tried the Internet archive but it was not available there either. Got close at the Internet Archive since the old website linked to the article but the article itself wasn't archived.

    352nd Jinkers, at the request of CO 352nd Deacon, a fond admirer of the Forgotten Battles Bf-109, created this "Captured" skin. An equally creative story describing how he came to possess the "stolen" Bf-109 can be found in our "News" section.
    Skin download doesn't tell you what model it works on either.


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    Well now, that is truly a "blast from the past".

    Here is the "lost" News Article:

    Somewhere over the rolling hills and valleys of Western Europe, 352nd Jinkers, on another of the numberless sorties he flies without complaint, a most unusual thing happened to him. Jinks had the foresight to jot down the events while they were still fresh in his mind, and the results simply speak for themselves.


    "Hanging in my parachute over the Fatherland ... Some half-drunk, sausage-stuffed German flying pig got lucky and shot my ride out from under me whilst I was busy with one of his litter mates. I'm betting he didn't even find his way home!


    "So, there I was, floating down out of the clear blue skies wondering how the heck I was going to get back to the Isle for my date with London Laura Saturday night. I wasn't really worried about getting caught by the Krauts but it was a long hike to the coast and an even longer swim back to the big Isle. I figured I might be able to find the resistance and they could get me home. But that would take a bit of time and Laura, well, she doesn't like to be kept waiting, if ya know what I mean.

    "When I hit the ground I hid my chute and started poking about the country side a bit. I figured maybe there was an airbase nearby or somethin', them Krauts should be pretty easy to borrow a plane off of, just wait until they been into the beer & brauts and take my pick of what was sitting around the field. Lucky for me there was a base nearby. I snuck around a little and found a billboard advertising the Kraut's version of a USO show staring Helga. Now I've heard about this Helga, she could keep the entire population of the base busy for hours (just tryin to lift her on stage if ya know what I mean) so I figured I had it made.

    "I waited in the woods until I could hear the sickening sounds of a whale in heat (Helga was singing to the troops). Then I slipped on into the base and hopped in the nearest 109 on the field. The stench in that thing coulda dropped a rhino at 10 paces, the name on the side of the plane was Herr Brig and... I wondered Brig and What? But I guess the ground crew painting his name on the side couldn't stand the smell either and didn't finish. Knowing my limitations, and knowing that I couldn't stand that stench for more then a few minutes, I moved on to the next plane in line. It wasn't much better, some hack named Herr Komandant Gator or some such thing. His plane didn't smell as bad but it was littered with trash and what looked like green scales??? What is it with these filthy Krauts?!

    "I knew I had time, Helga would be moaning for hours, but I was getting frustrated trying to find an airplane that I could stand to spend more then 5 minutes in. It seems like that might be impossible with this bunch of miscreants. Then I had a brilliant idea ... I walked on over to the motor pool and found me a brand spanking new, never flown by a miscreant, 109. Nothing as nice as my dearly departed Mustang, but it was at least clean and full of fuel.

    "So, off I went into the night, riding in a kraut 109. What a POS, 'no wonder' (I thought to myself) 'they're losing the war.' But, I was going home none the worse for the wear and I would be home in time to meet Laura.

    "Now, I can't say that I really enjoyed flying that bucket of bolts, but when I brought it home I decided to have my ground crew paint her up in the squad colors. Maybe some class would improve the way she flies. Anyway, I had her stripped down to the bare metal (If ya know what I mean) and had a blue nose painted on her, she didn't look half bad in the new colors. Anyway, I'll be getting my new 'Stang soon, but that 109 should be good for a joy ride or two on those odd days off...

    "Now, I think its about time to head on over to Laura's place (if ya know what I mean) .


    Editor's note: Herr Brigand and Herr Kommandant Gator forgive Jinks his slurs, since he is so obviously deranged. The smell he is referring to is the strong smell of high-octane 109 fuel, something Jinks is unused to. Helga forgives him, too. He has no appreciation of what he missed.

    n.b. "Herr Commandant Gator" and "Herr Brigand" were the nom de plume used by 352nd Gator and 352nd Persecutor, respectively, when flying the Glorious Axis War Heroes side of combat. The GAWH always won the combat contests, of course.
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    Ahh, isn't he such an Angel?
    How could you possibly shoot at him?

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    I remembered that one and in fact I have it in a few of my 109's. I just added it to a few others. I haven't flown that one in awhile. Maybe we should add it to the server warmup missions, Pers.

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    Thanks Pers, neat read.


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