AAR, 05252014 to 05262014 depending on your time zone.

It was an almost perfect night for me. I did not get shot down once and I got my first Online kill. Well my AI gunner did....
The only mishap of the night for me was a stall on landing during the second mission while I was trying to go around. Got too low and too slow.

**Flight 1
This was to be a bombing mission in an attempt to take out tanks in the Crell area.
I showed up late and the rest of the group were already in the Crell area doing a number on the tanks so I loaded up my bomber and was told to fly to the area and make a pass of my own. After making my pass and exiting the target area I was jumped by AKA_DerHuntere in a SpitfireMkIXe. I called for help and was doing every evasive maneuver I knew hoping that help would arrive before I was shot down and lost the plane. Since the AI gunners never seem to hit anything when the plane is piloted by a player as opposed to an AI pilot when they seem to hit everything, I fully expected to get shot down if help didn't arrive relatively quickly. Imagine my complete surprise when I see that my AI gunner has actually hit something and I am going to be credited with a "kill" for his work. At this point the only thing I can think of is to get the heck out of Dodge and get home before someone else shows up to finish the job. I call for a heading to leave the area and proceed to fly towards home.

After I get about half way home it dawns on me that I haven't checked for damage to my aircraft. I do a visual check of both engines and I notice that I am pouring smoke out of the port engine. This was something I had not been expecting and knowing the volatile nature of some aircraft I was hoping I would not explode in a fireball. I throttle back hoping to keep the engine intact long enough to make it home. I radio in that I have engine damage and I am given priority for landing and told to send another message when I can see the airfield.

Now I am starting to get a pit in my stomach wondering if AKA_DerHuntere and his SpitfireMkIX have done just enough to keep me from making it home. I keep checking the engine and looking for the airfield all the while wondering when the engine is going to quit or catch on fire possibly causing catastrophic damage to the aircraft. Since I am flying so low any damage that causes a wing to come off will be fatal.

FINALLY I see the airfield and radio in that I am about two minutes out. I am once again given the go ahead to land without getting into the pattern. Now the real worries starts since once I am committed to landing I don't know if the smoking engine will be strong enough for a go around if I botch the approach. I come in a little fast hoping to have the extra power if I need it and trying to get on the ground before the engine separates from the aircraft or separates the wing from the aircraft.

Everything holds together, including me , and I make the landing. I hit Refly all set to do it again.
This flight lasted 15 minutes. (The last five after I saw the engine damage seemed like thirty.)

**Flight 2
This one was pretty uneventful. I loaded up with bombs again and took off towards Crell to bomb the tanks again. Dropped on the tanks and missed all of them. I flew home and while trying to land I stalled the aircraft and ended up crashing just outside the airfield.
This flight lasted 14 minutes.

**Flight 3
This was a repeat of mission two and three. Load up and bomb the tanks near Crell. I followed Pers to the target on this one and I had to circle a bit after getting to the target area to make sure the bombs Pers dropped on the tanks did not take out my aircraft since he had them set on delay.
This flight lasted 20 minutes.

Now it was time for some Supply and Ferry work.

**Flight 4 (Success)
This was an uneventful supply run from Bapaume_Grevillers to Montdidier.
This flight lasted 10 minutes.

**Flight 5 (Success)
This was an uneventful Ferry flight from Bapaume_Grevillers to Montdidier.
This flight lasted 10 minutes.

**Flight 6 (Success)
This was an uneventful supply run from Bapaume_Grevillers to Montdidier.
(I did see a lone smoking aircraft that I chased down. It ended up being an AI Me 410 heading to its home base.)
This flight lasted 13 minutes.

**Flight 7 (Success)
This was an uneventful Ferry flight from Bapaume_Grevillers to Montdidier.
This flight lasted 7 minutes.