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    Default Aar, 05162014

    AAR, 05162014 to 05172014 depending on your time zone.

    After 10 years of playing the sim offline and almost 6 years of "forum flying" online I had my first in game online experience, outside of setting the sim up a few days prior to make sure most things worked correctly. Thanks for the help getting everything set up and working Pers.

    To get my feet wet to the experience of flying online I was tasked with ferrying aircraft from the supply base at Lille_Nord to Amiens. I made four such attempts to ferry Fw-190 A-5's to Amiens with three successfully completed.
    (Had I known that you were not using the taxiways to get to the runway I could have made at least two and possibly three more ferry attempts since I took several minutes taxiing to the runway using the taxiways on each of these attempts.)

    **Flight 1
    My first Ferry attempt ended in a crash on takeoff. This was strictly a twist stick vs rudder pedals error on my part. Once I started to get airborne I was banking and I kept trying to correct the problem with my joystick and I had crashed before I remembered that I had installed rudder pedals earlier in the week. My feet were on them but my brain wasn't making the connection. The joys of new hardware.
    After I crashed I bailed out of the aircraft and waited for my pilot to despawn before hitting Refly. The server did not seem to like this and kicked me from the server. This attempt does not show in the statistics page either so I don't know if the server registered this as a lost aircraft?

    **Flight 2 (Successful)
    My second attempt ended in a crash on landing at Amiens. I either forgot to put down the landing gear or hit too hard and fast but I seemed to be coming in at the correct speed and altitude so I really think it was a failure to drop the landing gear. Another "rookie" mistake on my part either way. Since I did not die in the landing this was registered as a successful ferry mission. The flight lasted 22 whole minutes.

    **Flight 3 (Successful)
    My third attempt was the most fun and dangerous strictly ferry mission of the night. I not only got off the ground in one piece but I actually got the aircraft down in one piece too. This was also a flaps up landing since I couldn't get the keys to register for some reason. I know they worked on takeoff but when I tried to land I couldn't get them to come down. I still have no clue why the keyboard wasn't working for those keys during this landing attempt? As they say the third time is the charm.

    What made this the most exciting ferry mission for me was that during the flight I looked over my right shoulder just before I got to Amiens and I got one heck of a scare. Flying at roughly my altitude just in visual range and most likely just inside the AI's initial attack range were at least 9 aircraft.
    This was not something I had been expecting so I started to run but something about the fact that they hadn't tried to engage me made me wonder if they were friendly aircraft. I took a slight gamble and turned back towards these aircraft and found out that it was three flights of three Do'17's? being escorted by two flights of four Bf-109s flying on a heading of roughly 230. Since I was just outside of Amiens to the East at this point I turned back towards it and landed instead of following them to see their intended target. I was barely able to navigate as it was and I sure as heck didn't want to get 200 miles away from Amiens and be completely lost. Still it was a lot of fun not to be alone in the sky if even for a very short time. This diversion added about three minutes to my ferry time.
    The other exciting thing that happened is just as I hit Refly I was being strafed so I had completely missed enemy aircraft in the vicinity because I was so intent on getting the aircraft down in one piece.
    This flight lasted 26 minutes.

    **Flight 4 (Successful)
    My fourth and final ferry attempt to Amiens took much longer to get off the ground since several AI aircraft were landing at the Lille_Nord airfield. This was an uneventful ferry mission and I was successful in the ferry attempt.
    This flight lasted 23 minutes.

    Now we get to the Supply missions. These were the most enjoyable flights of the night since now I was not flying alone.

    ****Flight 5 (Successful)
    In the first Supply mission and my fifth flight of the night I was tasked with making a supply mission from the Montdidier_Airfield to the Crell_Airfield using the Ju-52. Since I had not flown to this airfield yet I was to follow another aircraft to Crell and land. I believe that I followed either Deacon or Pers during this mission. This is where I learned that you had not been using the runway exclusively and it is why I sounded so surprised when I asked about taking off directly from the spawn point. The supply flight was successful and it also counted as a Ferry flight.
    This flight lasted 9 minutes.

    **Flight 6
    Once again I was tasked with making a supply mission from the Montdidier_Airfield to the Crell_Airfield using the Ju-52. This time I know it was Pers that I was following to Crell. Just as we got Crell in sight I called out that I saw bogies at eleven and one oclock. Pers was unable to see them at this point. The other members of the group who were in fighters felt that the bogies I had seen were them in their fighters over Crell. At about this time we were rerouted from Crell to Paris. During this reroute I somehow ended up in front of Pers and ended up leading the flight. At about this time Pers was jumped by a P-38 and shot down. As instructed I continued on my way to Paris and shortly afterwards was engaged by a P-38 too. Most likely the same one that had shot down Pers since we were not that far from each other. I tried some evasive maneuvers and spoiled his aim for a little bit but in the end I became a smoking hole in the ground.
    This flight lasted 9 minutes.

    Flight 6 does not show as a supply mission or a ferry attempt in the server stats. It does show the flight time for the attempted supply flight.

    **Flight 7
    This was to be the final Ferry mission for the night since the time was running low. I was again following Pers in an attempt to make a supply run from the Montdidier_Airfield to Paris in a Ju-52. We were once again jumped outside of Crell by a P-38. Once again it was Pers who was jumped first and shot down while I continued on to Paris. I was able to make a few spoiling maneuvers with the Ju-52 that extended my flight just long enough to see the fires burning in Paris but my inept AI tail gunner once again couldn't hit the broad side of a barn and I was shot down and killed. This flight was counted as a supply mission in the server stats.
    This flight lasted 10 minutes.

    Next time if I think about it before being shot down I might just turn on the Level Stabilizer and take a few pot shots at him myself.
    The end result will probably be the same but it will definitely make me feel better getting to shoot back.

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