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Thread: Need some help with installing the Channel Map

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    One more thing,

    When I ran the switcher for the first time, it asked me something about creating a "MODS" folder. I simply allowed it to install one since I didn't have one already. I just found now that it is located in a place called "Windows\system32". When I opened it, it too was empty. Is this folder where the mods inside the switcher are supposed to be located?
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    Hmmm. The problem is probably located in your jsgme.ini file. The easiest solution is to reinstall jsgme, letting the jsgme installer fix the location pointers.

    Download this file: jsgme_setup.7z. Store it someplace safe on your system, then unzip it (it is a 7-zip archive which will open in 7-zip, WinRAR, or WinZIP). The 7z file contains only one file, jsgme_setup.exe.

    Run jsgme_setup.exe and point it to your game's location. It will re-install jsgme and correct the file location pointers; remember to tell the installer that the name of your mods folder is JSGMEMODS.

    Once completed, retry jsgme.exe, cross your fingers, and good luck!

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    I reinstalled the switcher, and pointed it to my game's location. The screen had no mods in it again, so I imported the HSFX history mod to it again and enabled it. Sadly, I could still not find the map in the Full Mission Builder. I feel like I am reenacting the Channel Battles all over again. Er...the Battle for the Channel Map to be precise!

    Maybe I am not using the switcher correctly. How does the switcher work? That might help. Also, I pointed it to the "Il 2 1946" file within my computer, but perhaps did I need to point it to a file within the game file? I have a feeling that there may yet be light at the end of this tunnel!

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    I just looked and my "jsgme.ini" file only has one word in it: "[MODS]". Should there be somthing else in it? Thought this might be important.

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    Your jsgme.ini file should look like this at the top:

    Edit it so it does; use Notepad or a plain text editor (not Word or Wordpad).

    Your jsgme.ini might also have other sections and lines in it, like this:

    Main Height=528
    Main Left=1305
    Main Top=650
    Main Width=676
    Main WindowState=0
    FullPath=C:\Ubi Soft\IL-2 Sturmovik HSFX 6\JSGME.exe
    The [FORM SIZE] section describes where the jsgme dialog box is displayed on your screen and will change if you move it around or resize it.

    the [JSGME DETAILS] section contains the full path (FullPath=) to your game and jsgme.executable; you can see that, in the example above, the game and jsgme.exe are located at C:\Ubi Soft\IL-2 Sturmovik HSFX 6\JSGME.exe. Your path will probably be different, and if the path isn't properly displayed here, edit it so it is, paying particular attention to spelling. If you are unsure of the path, look at the address bar in Windows Explorer when you navigate to your game and jsgme.exe, copy the contents of the address bar (that will be the path) and paste it into the FullPath= statement immediately after the equals (=) sign.

    Hopefully that will solve things for you.
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    352nd Persecutor,

    I am pleased to tell you that I can fly on the 352nd's map! Thanks to your last post, I was able to edit my "JSGME.ini" file and mod my game with HSFX! I would like to thank you for your patient help during the week or so that I attempted to mod a game for the first time. There are so many new maps and aircraft available with HSFX - it was astonishing! Thank-you so much! I am flying over London now! Click image for larger version. 

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    Glad it worked, Hotleadcoldfeet! Enjoy all that HSFX 6 has to offer. Remember to update it; check the 242 site for the auto updater, install and run it. The current version is 6.0.17 and contains some very significant stuff, including a P-61 Black Widow! Not bad for a 12 year old sim.

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