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Thread: The importance of the preflight checklist

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    Default The importance of the preflight checklist

    Well this evening started off bad, my bird wouldn't get off the ground. I had to rebuild my install and get it to connect. After working with Pers, I was able to resolve my map issue. I jumped in(after about an hour and a half), and found my HOTAS needed re mapped. So I ran down the list, throttle, x-axis, y-axis, trim, prop pitch and thought all was well. I jumped back in and departed Crotone for Reggio. On arrival I found the area to be under attack by some AI Hurricanes, I saddled one up and pulled the trigger....nothing! I forget to re map my weapons. !@#$% So, the lesson learned here is if you have to remap your controls for any reason, make sure you do a weapons check shortly after departure.

    I was able to score 2 victories over Jericho though. This made all the frustration of the evening well worth it.


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    Italy, sometime in 1944, mission 5 of 12.

    Sortie #1: ordered to fly from Vibro aifield to attack and eliminate AAA emplacements at Milazzo, I was awaiting permission from ground control to depart while sitting in my trusty Hs-129 when some damnable Yankee strafed my aircraft. The rest of my flight departed safely but I had to return to the tarmac to grab another ride. Hence, I arrived late to the target airfield where our pilots had already wreaked their devastation. I took out my frustration on a row of parked aircraft, destroying three of them, then returned to Reggio and landed safely.

    Sortie #2: ferried a 109G4 from Foggia to Vibro. Somewhere in the flight I was credited with an enemy aircraft destroyed but I have no memory of the incident.

    Sortie #3: Flew a ferry mission of a Ju-52 from Vibro to Scalea in preparation for a supply run. Prior to landing I received new orders to participate in an attack on shipping so did not begin the planned re-supply mission from Scalea to Vibro.

    Sortie #4: Departed Crotone in a 190A5 bombed up to attack shipping north of Milazzo. Together with Deacon and Oscar I drew flak from a destroyer as first Deacon and then Oscar attacked it. Neither killed the target and my bomb drop wasn't close enough to get the sailors aboard wet! Ugh. Returned the 190 to Vibro.

    Sortie #5: Departed Crotone in a 190A4 bombed up to continue the attack on shipping. By the time I arrived at the fleet all but one of the ships had been destroyed either by Hotel or by Echo. As I was searching for the shipping I observed a P-51 flying northwest and smoking. My first impression was that it was one of our aircraft and I closed to clarify identification. Determining the aircraft to be enemy I shot at it as I was rapidly closing upon it getting a short burst into the wing roots and engine. I observed the aircraft increase its descent but did not see it crash into the sea. I dropped in on the sole remaining transport skipping my 500 kg bomb into the starboard side. Solid hit, solid "enemy shipping destroyed" message. I returned safely to Vibro, getting an "enemy aircraft destroyed" message enroute.

    Sortie #6: Began a resupply mission from Crotone to Reggio in a Ju-52. I safely landed at Reggio only to learn that, like a dummy, I had failed to check my load-out (the importance of a preflight checklist!). The flight ended as a ferry rather than a resupply.

    Sortie #7: Do it right this time, Persecutor! I took another Ju-52 from Crotone, this time loaded with supplies, and safely landed at Reggio. One resupply mission accomplished.

    Sortie #8: Ordered to attack AAA emplacements at Palermo in preparation for a saturation ground-attack I departed Practica del Mar in a Hs-129. The 109s providing top cover arrived before my much slower 129 and accomplished my primary responsibility (the destruction of AAA) before I arrived; looking for targets I found fuel tanks that had been broken but not destroyed and eliminated 6 of them. Deacon had attacked a P-38 but left it fleeing the scene smoking; what a prime opportunity to "steal" his kill! I couldn't resist and followed the 38, destroying it before it could safely RTB. On the return flight I located a column snuggled off the roadway south of the main highway between Palermo and Milazzo. I was out of ammo so could do nothing with the column. I safely recovered at Reggio where I learned that we could rearm, refuel, and return to action.

    Sortie #9: After rearming and refueling I returned to Palermo looking for ground targets. As I approached Palermo I recalled the column I had overflown earlier; there were less than 5 minutes left in the mission to relocate the column. I was able to do so and destroyed 2 vehicles and 3 tanks before the mission ended.

    A remarkable night for me; I flew 9 sorties and safely landed after each. It was quite the opposite experience from the previous mission during which I wasn't able to hit anything I shot at and either crash landed or was shot down the majority of sorties I flew.

    Ahh, isn't he such an Angel?
    How could you possibly shoot at him?

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    Default Mission 5-12 Italy 1944 1st LT. Too-Cool

    Sortie #1 2030. Ordered to fly 129 to Millazzo and take out all triple A along with Boss, RJ and Pers. Immediately on take off the XO plane was render useless due to scarfing by enemy a/c. Millazzo had enemy a/c over the base when arrived but out top cover made short work of them. I was able to take out one of the AAA while Boss and RJ disposed of the rest. Standing orders stated that after taking out AAA that we move on to the fuel. supplies and static while at the same time we scan the area for ground forces moving up from Palarmo. I quickly destroyed 3 of the four fuel sheds before returning to Vibro to rearm. We were suppose to rearm at Reggio but there were issues with being able to fly out of it.

    Sortie #2 Flew from Vibro in 109 w/SC-500 bomb headed back to Millazzo to destroy the remaining supply. I was #4 in the rotation and was able to take out one of the three remaining sheds. Stay around with Duckman re-conning the area to provide actuarial status of remaining targets before heading back to Reggio.

    Sortie #3 Flew a supply mission from Kronton to Vibro and made a successful drop before heading back to Kronton for another supply run.

    Sortie #4 Attempted to fly another supply run to Vibro but during my taxi some how the XO's plane wouldn't move out of the way and he hit me.

    Sortie #5 Attempting to fly another supply mission following the disaster of Sortie #4 but was redirected to bomb up in a 109 or 190 and fly about a 250 heading to were enemy ships were located and to destroy them. There were 4 ships including one shooter but RJ luck up and got the shooter so I went for one of the three transports and as fate would have it got blown out of the sky by the transport I was engaging.

    Sortie # 6 In route with Crater to take out the last transport and was jumped by bandits, my plane was badly damage but I was able to make second attempt on ship however my drop went long and I had to return to Vibro for and emergency landing with my plane badly damaged.

    Sortie #7 While attacking Palermo was again jumped but this time the bandit rammed my plane.

    Sortie # 8 With time running out I flew one last mission heading to Palermo but had to abort due to time and landed at Reggio.

    All in all it was a pretty good night until I heard that Vilbro was now neutral because we missed some ground ground forces that were somewhere in the hills, so all the resupply to that base and all the ferrying was of not.
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    Default AAR 6-12 1Lt. Too-cool

    Started about 15 sorties but was only successful on 1 resupply and five ferrys. Game controller start acting up and cause problems all night.

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    That same #(&%^ place in Italy, sometime in 1944, but two days later (Mission #6):

    Mission results are often similar to watching the Dow Jones average, or riding a roller-coaster; up one day, down another. If Friday was an up evening, Sunday was definitely the downside for Persecutor.

    Sortie #1: Ordered to participate in a flight of four Hs-129s departing Reggio at mission start to attack AAA emplacements at Milazzo, I was attacked by a P-38 as I lifted off and went wheels-up. Seeing the tracers racing by my windscreen I evaded left and was promptly kamikazeed by 418_Raptor. I received credit for a kill (big deal, I was *d*e*a*d* and my plane was lost) and had to restart the sortie.

    Sortie: #2: Fortunately there was an additional Hs-129 at Reggio and, after yelling and screaming at the ground crew (who hadn't finished cleaning the plane's windshield) I got them to give it to me, arm it, and I taxied out to the runway threshold. I arrived at Milazzo airfield after the first wing took care of most of the AAA but they were generous enough to leave some for me. I made several passes at the airfield, killing 1 gun emplacement, 2 parked aircraft, and 4 trucks that I located parked just north of the airfield. Sometime during my several strafing runs my aircraft took ground fire and, unbeknownst to me, began rapidly leaking fuel. As I began another strafing turn both engines died from fuel starvation. I pointed the aircraft's nose northeast and gently settled into the Mediterranean, leaping clear of the aircraft before it sunk into the depths. I successfully evaded capture and was rescued by a U-boat, returning to Practica del Mar.

    Sortie #3: From Practica del Mar I requisitioned a third Hs_129 and headed back to Milazzo. My navigation was off; I reached the Sicilian shoreline several miles west of Milazzo. Staying low to avoid being spotted I flew down the east-west shoreline highway and observed several columns of tanks and trucks traveling west from Milazzo to Palermo. I attacked what I could see and destroyed 2 trucks and 1 tank before crashing into a hillside. That happens sometimes when one flies at an elevation below ground level!

    Sortie #4: I ferried a Bf-109E4 from Lecce to Reggio without incident.

    Sortie #5: As I began a second ferry mission I received orders to bomb up the 109 and attack a fleet of four enemy vessels located southwest of Pachino. Together with Deacon and Crater I departed Lecce and located the fleet. I dropped down on a leading transport and attempted a skip-bombing; missed high and long. Drat! I recovered the aircraft at Reggio.

    Sortie #6: Rinse and repeat, although this time with a FW-190A4 (no more 109s at Lecce). I certainly did "repeat", again missing my target high and long. Double-drat! Another recovery at Reggio.

    Sortie #6: Rinse and repeat yet again and again I missed. I climbed and orbited the fleet (three transports and one DD) and took an AAA round in the gas tank; KABOOM. No more Persecutor that sortie!

    Sortie #7, 8, 9, and 10: Sortie 7 was another ferry from Lecce to the fleet and then to Reggio; the remaining three were from Reggio returning to Reggio. In all four sorties I missed my targets. That's 0 for 7! I nearly always sink what I skip bomb, but tonight I simply couldn't hit anything but the water. Sortie 10 was even worse; as I was returning to Reggio the base came under attack and I looked for the EA; I observed a fast mover coming nearly head on at me at approximately 700 feet over the airfield and, reacting quickly and without thinking very deeply I fired off a snap-shot that severely damaged, ultimately destroying, 352nd Coster. Dang, Dang, and Triple Dang. A friendly kill. A rare animal for me, but once is one time too many! Apologies and condolences extended, Coster.

    Sorties 11 and 12: Two re-supply flights from Foggia to Reggio completed without incident.

    Tough night, but overall the squadron was successful and Vibro was recaptured, made secure, Milazzo was completely destroyed for the second successive mission evening, and Reggio was resupplied with fuel, supplies, and aircraft.

    I'm looking forward to dinner at the O-Club at Milazzo next week!
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    Ahh, isn't he such an Angel?
    How could you possibly shoot at him?

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    Default Mission 8/12

    Mission 7/12 Flight records of 1Lt. Too-Cool lost.

    Mission 8/12 Flew 8 sorties,

    1st sortie didn't make it off ground Hs129 nosed over
    2ND sortie 109 from Vibro to Millazzo, destroyed 2 tanks shot down returning to Vibro
    3rd Ferry 129 from Practica Del Mar to Vibro
    4Th sortie Disconnected ie' lagging while ferrying 129 from Practica Del Mar to Vibro
    5Th sortie made 1 supply run form Napol to Vibro,
    6Th sortie made ship runs blown out of sky
    7Th sortie second ship run off coast of Palermo destroyed one transport returned to Vibro
    8Th game ended before I could land ferry from Practica Del Mar to Vibro

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