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Thread: Greetings All anyone else looking into this new sim?

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    Default Greetings All anyone else looking into this new sim?

    I fly with 352nd FG in Warbirds.
    Just thought I'd stop by and see if any other 352nd guys are looking into World of Planes

    Check out the trailors...

    There are a few of us on the Warbirds side that are eager to try this on out.

    They seem to be looking for Squads interested in Beta testing:


    352nd FG (v) Warbirds

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    Welcome to the IL-2 352nd boards. We are continually amazed at how rich the IL-2 Sim remains after 11 years; we aren't even close to experiencing all it has to offer. Thus, we aren't looking for another platform and have never heard of World of Planes. Having said that, I found the forum you linked to very interesting, registered, and will try and keep an eye on what is being developed there.

    Cliffs of Dover is interesting but, compared to IL-2, extremely limited in the simulation experience we seek. It may be years before it matures to the level we have achieved in IL-2, thus CLoD isn't particularly attractive to us, although many of us have it.

    Competition in flight sims is good -- it will push the boundaries of what programmers can do. It will be fun to watch how this plays out.

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