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Thread: Lost ! 8-)

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    Read the installation instructions carefully. The download, if the latest version is the same as we downloaded when it was first released, includes 10 files. Put them all in the same folder (I use a temporary installation folder only for the purpose of installing the HSFX mod), then locate and run the file called HSFX_Version_5_0.EXE -- ignore all the rest of the files. The .exe file you run will do all the work for you; all you have to do is point it to where your game is.

    When it is finished, run the hotfix and then run JSGME, installing the mods in accordance with the installation instructions contained in the HistorySFX 5.0 readme.doc file (which comes with the download). Then run the game. If all went well your game should run and you should get HSFX 5.0.1. If you want to run a pure 4.10 game run JSGME again and add the stock mod and away you go (although after flying with HSFX you probably won't ever want to use the stock game).

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    ok ..... noticed after download this file in my directory HSFX_Version_5_0_1.EXE ....... i recheck now on the site and it reads ..... i will download again this link ?

    strange ? i surely download the same file HSFX version 5.0 yesterday but output gives 5.01 .....???


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    Once you have everything installed you'll find a folder called "jsgmemods" and a file called jsgme.exe, both in your game's root folder. The jsgme.exe file lets you selectively activate the mods contained in the jsgmemods folder by moving them from the left side of the jsgme screen to the right.

    You'll also find a folder in your game called HSFX V5 Tools & Read me's. The folder contains documentation for many of the mods that are installed by HSFX and describes the philosophy behind the HSFX method of game modding in the file HistorySFX 5.0 readme.doc. A very important README to review, before you do much with the game, is the file 5.0.1 Hotfix Read me.txt, which describes some important steps to take before installing the hotfix (probably not critical for you because you are doing a new build, but good to know in any event).

    JSGME.exe is very easy to use -- run the program and observe that on the left side of the JSGME dialog will be a list of the available mods and the right will list what have been "installed" into the game. Highlight a mod on the left and click the > button in the center to move the mod from left to right, from uninstalled to installed.

    I try to follow the practice of installing the History mod first, 6DoF second, and then the others. As an example, here's an image of the jsgme program showing my working game:

    To disable or uninstall a mod, simply highlight it on the right and click the "< " button, moving it to the left. The left column holds available but uninstalled mods, the right mods that are installed in your game.

    If you use 6DoF and activate the 6DoF mod you'll receive a warning message when you activate it; ignore the warning and accept the move.

    Hope this helps.

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    I got it ! man what an update of hsfx and other mods ! totally new flight simulator !

    amazing and the surely the map !

    i only have a lot of popups of objects and trees ?

    any config.ini changing i think ?

    thanks again for your patience in explaining an to put me back on track !

    brgds yoda

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    Objects (trees are objects, too) pop up on any given map at different distances depending upon settings in the config.ini file and the strength of your system (cpu speed, numbers, memory, speed, amount, drivers, etc). Even on powerful systems objects can paint in at distressingly short distances; one of the weaknesses of IL-2, but hey, it's more than 10 years old ....... many of us have kids and grand kids that are older!

    There are a few settings in your config.ini file that you can experiment with; there's a good description of settings, options, and what they mean at M4T.

    Glad you got 'er set up -- HSFX's version of the game is really awesome. You're right -- it's a whole different simulator. Spend some time reading about what is included and why, particularly in the History mod document, and in the Expert Mode document, and you'll get a deeper impression on how much work and thought has gone into it.

    There's a different, "competing" mod over at SAS, called "UP", which takes a different approach to modding. The results are very similar; a much improved game.

    Enjoy your "new" IL-2, and I hope you enjoy the map.
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    Ahh, isn't he such an Angel?
    How could you possibly shoot at him?

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