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Thread: Lost ! 8-)

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    Default Lost ! 8-)

    dear 352nd team,

    In 2008 , i received a guest exe with all updates up to 4.09 with all the mods from your side , and followed the development closely...

    Due to some real world situations , i forgot the final release in 2010 ?

    Yesterday , i finally downloaded the map .....but i have tried everything , but cannot get into the map!

    The map shows but cannot save or play it...... did i do something wrong ?

    I did :

    - install il2 1946 original disk
    - installed the guest exe from 352nd
    - installed hsfx 4.0
    - installed hsfx 4.1
    - installed the cross channel map

    I tried to change the actors.static from other mods and it worked but not all objects are correct then ! so i think it should be this file ?

    I really have no idea how to solve it.........but i know that i want to fly this wonderful map

    If someone could me getting back on track ?

    Thanks in advance

    brgds Yoda

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    Hello, Yoda.

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. I suggest that, although the method I'm going to describe is time consuming, it will result in a better build and you'll have a better result.

    First, I'd delete the game you built. Reinstall the 1946 DVD, which installs version 4.07, if memory serves.

    Download and install the 4.08 update patch.

    Download and install the 4.09 update patch.

    Download and install the 4.10.1 update patch.

    Then go to the 242 site and download and install HSFX 5.0.

    Add the 5.0.1 update hotfix.

    The Cross Channel map is included in HSFX 5.0 and is the same version as we originally released.

    You will end up with a game that can be flown either as a stock 4.10.1 version, or modded to HSFX 5.0.1 specs (which is the version we fly in the 352nd.

    The steps are a lot of work, and a good deal of downloading, but trust me, it's well worth the effort.

    Please let us know if you have any problems with these steps or installation; glad to help if we can. And, welcome back to the IL-2 world.

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    thank u very much for your info and help !

    but..... i just installed the 4.10.1 il2 wont start any longer....... just get a black screen ......


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    think i have to download also 4.10 first ?

    then 4.10.1

    thanks for coop Yoda

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoda View Post
    think i have to download also 4.10 first ?

    then 4.10.1

    thanks for coop Yoda
    You may be correct; my impression when I saw the link to 4.10.1 was that it was a combined update, but I could be wrong. To be absolutely safe, install 4.10 and then 4.10.1.

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    There is a megapatch at M4T that will take you from v4.07m on the DVD up to the current version of v4.101m. It includes the v4.09m skin pack.
    IL-2 MegaPatch 4.10.1m_EN

    Here is a Patching guide at M4T with links to all the individual patches that I keep current if you prefer to add them one at a time.
    IL-2 1946 Installation and Patching Guide:


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    Thanks for that info, Wheels. That's a good thing to know. Updating and rebuilding can be a huge PITA. (One can patch and upgrade IL-2 into something nearing excellent, or one can patch CLoD into beta software, LOL).

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    thanks all for so close coop and fast response !

    i am now downloading the hsfx5 .... so i am waiting patiently to play the map

    do u also know how i have to install all the goodies which were in the 2008 guest exe ? like the spitfire mkI ? do i just copy the mods directory to my il2 1946 directory or ?

    i am not so accustomed to all these patches and mods.....

    many thanks again


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    I think you'll find all those goodies, and much more, in HSFX 5.0.1.

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    ok , download finished of hfsfx 5 , installing but getting request to put installation disk 2 into floppy drive ? did this mod brought me back into the past floppy ?

    i click ok and nothing happens ?


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