After Action Report:
Report #: 201103200316
Date: 3-20-2011

Flight 1:
Mechanical failure after takeoff. Emergency belly landing at Telsch. (Accidently hit the gear down button)

RTB Belly Landing

Flight 2:
Assigned to Bender to conduct low altitude CAP over Telsche Airfield. Base came under attack by multiple aircraft, at least 1 of them was a Ju-88. Prior to initial engagement we spotted aircraft to the south of the airfield, in the process of looking at those aircraft, I got separated from Bender. IDd a smoking/on-fire (left engine) Ju-88 over the southwest end of the runway, saw a Spitfire (later IDd as Coster) making attack then peel off. Unknown if the JU-88 had dropped all of its bombs I pressed an attack. Scored several hits on the right wing which caused a second fire from the fuel tank. In the process of breaking off, took heavy damage that knocked out my Ailerons and Rudder controls. Costers second run ended with a mid-air collision.
With minimal control I was able to use engine management and engine torque to right the plane from a steep left bank enough to climb and bail out. This can be confirmed by Track: Quick0532, at 11:35 minutes into the track. For some reason the AKAFA Stats page lists it as a Death even though I successfully bailed. Also server credited me for the JU-88 kill even though I think Coster did more damage.

Bailed Out SW of Telsche Airfield. LIVED!!!
1 Kill credited to me by AKA Server. Pilots causing damage to JU-88 = Coster / Skinny = Shared?
Coster KIA due to collision.

Mission 3:
Kicked from Server. Needed to ferry an Aircraft.

Mission 4:
Ferry Spitfire Mk. VIII from Memel to Telsche.

Mission 5:
Was providing CAP over Telsche Airfield until assigned to escort Tempests on a strike mission toward Sierra. (flew wingman with Crater or Clash). No enemy aircraft were in the area till we began our return trip home. Wingman was escorting B flight of the Tempest Strike Force. As I was escorting A flight, noticed some contacts passing behind us, broke off to investigage. Spotted a lone 109 (marked white 43).
Made 1 attack run and caused damage. (61min into Track quick0534) When coming around for second run I noticed the 109s engine was out (does not show on Pers Track) and going down into a field. At this point I also noticed several more contacts off in the distance. Instead of pressing on I turned and High Tailed it home.

1 Kill BF-109 marked White 43 Unverifiable unless using in game track. AKA Stats credited.
RTB no damage

Mission 6:
Assigned to CAP Telsche. No engagements.
Later assigned Escort of Tempest Strike force heading for enemy tank Column somewhere West of Sierra.
After 10 min over target area strike force started to RTB. Unknown to who it was, but engaged BF-110s to the South. Turned engage and assist. Upon arrival friendly was gone, assumed RTB. Spotted one BF-110 and engaged. (time 112 min on track quick0534). Shot off one of the rear control surfaces. Again noticed several unidentified contacts ahead, instead of risking without wingman support, I egressed towards Telsche. AKA server ended up crediting me for kill, track shows the 110 crashing on final approach to Sierra.
Prior to landing, received Transfering Mission

1 Damaged BF-110 marked ZZ-ZH.
AKA Server credited kill, track shows 110 crashing on Final Approach.