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Thread: Been away a while.

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    Default Been away a while.

    Hi guys Ive been away a while and will be re-installing 1l2 shortly. Can someone tell me what I have to download and if possible supply links to any downloads I may need to get the best from the cross channel maps? do I need some kind of unified installer or is the HSFX 4.1 the only thing I need? Also is there a non torrent way of getting the HSFX files if they are what I need?

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    Hi, Killer,

    The map works just fine with HSFX 4.1.

    Check your PMs .... I post links to a downloadable HSFX 4.1

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    Thanks Pers, I just checked my PMs but nothing there yet. I will check again in the morning. Its 12.45 am here now and I am off to bed lol.

    Edit typical! just checked again and the PM is now there. Thanks a lot Pers will get to installing everything I need for this in the morning when I have a fresh head on lol.

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