This is a copy of the email sent out with Bag the Hun.

Its been years since we've worked on Wingmanship and ACM. While we've been effective flying against the FA's, those who remember the North Africa Campaigns will remember that the AKA's normally handed us our butts. One of these days, we're gonna fly against them again, and I want to be ready. To that end, I want to start sessions that cover Basic Combat Maneuvering, Advanced Combat Maneuvering and Wingmanship. These 9PM Tuesday sessions are completely voluntary, so show up when you can.

BCM and ACM are necessary to get your aircraft in an advantageous position. Since this often involves your wingman dragging the bandit into that position, he needs to be confident that you're going to kill him quickly. 'Bag the Hun' is a primer on how to do that. Ideally, by the time you take the 'final' test in BtH, you'll be able to look at a bandit and accurately gauge his range, angle off and determine the correct lead.