AAR Mission: 201011280513
Flight 1: Departed with rest of group from BG in Blenheim M4. Proceeded to town of Forenville with orders to destroy enemy tanks in the area. First pass was able to successfully skip bomb along the road with 2-250 lbs bombs into 2 German Tanks (ID w/ swastika flags on rear of tank). Second pass was unsuccessful in destroying any tanks.

RTB with no damage, and 2 Tank Kills.

Flight 2: Enemy aircraft reported in the area of Forenville. Flight of 3 (Jinkers, Chaco, and myself) scrambled in Hurricanes to provide Fighter Cover over the area for 2nd wave of incoming bombers. Eventually spotted a lone contact to the East-Southeast. Fighters ween to investigate. At first target was falsely ID'd as a JU-88. All 3 fighters made passes. On my pass I was able to ID the Aircraft as a He-111. I made 2-3 slashing attacks from the enemy's high 4-5 oclock, scoring hits but unknown to the amount of actual damage inflicted. Chaco (I think) made the final blow by inflicting fuel tank fires in both the left and right wings. Jinkers and Chaco then RTB due to damage from the Bomber. I remained on station long enough to witness the crew Bail Out, the HE-111 then began a slow left turning decent before it finally exploded mid-flight. Suspected the enemy crew bailed over their own lines.

Returned to Forenville and provided Aircover for the 3rd wave of bombers attacking remaining forces in Forenville.

RTB; No Damage
Chaco - 1 visual confirmed KILL (Possible damage inflicted by Jinkers, and myself)

Flight 3: Flew a Hurricane to a town SouthEast of Forenville to investigate enemy tank columns and supply columns. ID'd at least 20+ enemy tanks along with at least 1 supply column. Made 1 pass on supply column destroying 1 truck. Also witnessed a friendly (believed to be Coster) also make a run on the supply column, destroying an unknown # of vehicles. Second Pass: Game Crashed to Desktop.

Game Crash: No Damage; Destroyed 1 German Truck
Coster? - #? visual confirmed Destroying Enemy Trucks

Flight 4: Returned to previous target area in Fairey Battle. When reaching target area, enemy aircraft located in area. Stayed roughly 10 miles away waiting for area to clear.
Friendly fighter in the area believed to be Coster, shot down and destroyed the Enemy Contact. Unknown what type.
Proceeded into target to attack tanks. Prior to first pass, Game Crashed to Desktop.

Game Crash: No Damage
Coster? - 1 Visual Confirmed KILL (unknown german aircraft)

Flight 5: Departed BG in Blenheim 4, returned to town SE of Forenville and destroyed 2 enemy Tanks. Numerous other 352nd pilots in the area also destroying tanks.

RTB; No Damage; 2 - Enemy Tanks destroyed.

Flight 6: Attempted to Ferry a Blenheim 4 from St. Pol to BG, mission ended before I was able to land.

AAR Mission: 201012050511
Flight 1: Arrived a few minutes late. Was assigned Recon / Search and Destroy of possible enemy ground forces approaching RES along the Main Road (heading roughly to target 110 degrees) Was able to successfully ID 4 tanks in a leading column approaching town of Ham?. Along with at least 5 supply columns 2-5 miles behind. Made ground attack on 4 leading tanks in Blenheim 4. Destroyed 1 enemy Tank. RTB

RTB; Light Damage, Left wing fuel tank leak, 1 - Enemy Tank Destroyed

Flight 2: Made another attack on the lead tank element approaching RES. Destroyed another enemy Tank. Unknown if Bushpilot can visually comfirm this. He was in the area in a MS410 investigating the supply column.
Attempting to RTB, Game Crashed to Desktop.

Flight 3: Made a 3rd and final attack on the lead tank column. Witnessed Recruit Wright attempt a strafing attack on the Tanks in a MS406. Unknown what happened but he crashed in the field next to the road where the enemy tanks were. Made 2 passes on the remaining 2 enemy tanks, killing both of them.

RTB; No Damage; 2 Enemy Tanks destroyed.
Recruit Wright, confirmed KIA

Flight 4: Assigned escort duty in MS410 for bomber attack taking off from RES along the front between Lilli-south, and Gent. Coster, Chaco, and Rex also assigned as Escort. Coster in PE-3, and rest in MS406.
Reached target area and there were no clearly IDable enemy ground forces in the area. Group proceeded to Gent Airfield. No ground targets remained at Gent, bombers jettisoned bombs and RTB'd to Lilli-south.
Fighters remained on Station. Coster at low Alt, and myself and Chaco at 10,000 ft. (Rex game crash, unknown when he returned to Gent in a fighter)
Coster is later bounced by a BF-110. Me and Chaco decend and engage the enemy along with Coster. Made at least 1 pass on the 110 causing his Left Engine to smoke, and a fuel tank leak. Coster and Chaco were also able to make damaging passes. Chaco was able to deliver the final blow by severing one of the 110's wings.

Chaco - 1 Confirmed Kill, with damage inflicted by Coster and Myself

Remained on Station. Rex eventually returned to the combat area, along with Several AKA's in mix of hurricanes, spitfires, and MS406s. Eventually became engaged with 3 BF-109s over the Gent Airfield. Their were so many aircraft in the area at this point that it became rather Chaotic. Chased a BF109 from around 10,000 ft down to the deck. Prior to decent me and Chaco were on the 109, I was able to overtake Chaco due to the faster peformance of the 410 over the 406.
On the Deck I was able to get the 109 to smoke a little (assumed radiator hit), along with leaking fuel. in this heavy turn fight was eventually shoulder shot by an AKA, broke off in fear of collision and being shot down by AKA in a 406/410. Swinging back around the 109 eventually crashed into a field, no visual on whether or not the AKA was able to inflict any killing blow, but assumed since the game did not give me Credit for the Kill.
Chaco during this time I think was able to shot down one of the other 109s, but unable to confirm this.

Me and Chaco then began the flight back to Lilli-Nord. 2 miles from the field Chaco ran out of fuel and crash landed successfully. Proceeded to Lilli-South and RTB.

RTB; no damage; Damage Inflicted to a 110 (destroyed by Chaco), and Damage inflicted to a 109 (destroyed, game credited to AKA)