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Thread: Thanks to all you guys in the 352nd for helping make Checkertails a possibility

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    Default Thanks to all you guys in the 352nd for helping make Checkertails a possibility

    Well, Part 1 is out-there now and I have had many emails and comments regarding it. So-far (I'm sure there will always be someone though) it has been very-well received and appreciated. I mean, who ever heard of a something for free?

    In the end credits are listed many of the 352nd pilots who are known to have helped (I hope all are listed) but I have to say special thanks to Pers for his help in seeding the release and also for just being a general all-round good chap!

    In-case you haven't seen the link, it's actually on your front-page:

    Absolutely brilliant! I know some of you wish that it was about the 352nd, and if I had the time and budget, there are so-many things I would love to do......but for now, I hope you enjoy the film......Part 2 will be coming some-time in 2012.

    Cheers, MP

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    Thumbs up

    I am d/ling right now and cant wait to watch it. I will Seed as long as possible. Thank you for all your hard work an effort.

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    New links to Mediafire conventional download added as-well as torrent links added at bottom of this post:

    Well here it is, Part 1 of "Checkertails".

    The two links below are for torrents. The first one is for a Dual-Layer .iso file.

    The second one is unfortunately mis-labeled as Single Layer but links (correctly) to a self-extracting .rar file.

    Once downloaded you will see a file called "Checkertails.exe" Double-click it and then create a folder (or just choose a location) to extract it to.

    Once extracted you will have a file called "Checkertails - Part 1 - A film by Mysticpuma.avi"

    The torrent files can be found here. If you don't have a torrent client, download and install the utorrent download software which can be found here:

    Then click on the torrent link you wish to download below, and choose "Open With" not "Save-As" when asked. This will start the download of the file.

    The more people download it, the more 'seeds' are created and the faster it becomes for everyone to download it. For the next 3-days after this post, it will be
    hosted by a 100 m/bit server, so as the torrent seeds increase, the Server should slowly become unnecessary.

    The Self-Extracting .rar file contains a CD Label to print and use with the DVD Disk,and also contains a DVD Box cover for those of you who wish to make
    it look like a 'proper' DVD case.

    The link to a Dual-Layer .iso is exactly that. Once downloaded, put it into your DVD Burner (make sure it can burn Dual-Layer disks) and then using your DVD burning software choose "Burn Image to disk" or similar option.

    This will then create a DVD (Region Free so watch-able on PAL or NTSC formats) that can be viewed in a DVD or Blu-Ray player. It will give you a front-end menu with scene selection too!

    The movie is Part 1 of a two-part feature on the 325th Fighter Group "The Checkertail Clan. It has a running-time of approx.
    1-hour and 40-minutes.

    The Checkertails.exe creates a 2.4GB video file which is encoded with the XVID Codec. If after 30-seconds you can hear audio but not see any video, you will need to download and install the
    XVID Codec, which can be found here:

    I would recommend downloading VLC Player to watch this as it does not require any other codecs (XVID above for example), it pretty-much has
    them all and it can be downloaded here:

    What you will be watching has taken Three-years to research, create and edit and is only Part 1 of the history of the "Checkertail Clan", who fought in the MTO.

    I cannot promise perfection. I am not an Historian of the Luftwaffe and I am sure there will be details that do not
    excite or deliver accuracy of the Axis forces engaged daily by the 325th Fighter Group, for this, in advance, I apologise.

    The film has been created in my very spare time as I work full-time and have a family (who have supported me along the way)
    so it has taken much longer than I ever thought it would.

    What it does do though, is detail the history of the 325th during it's P-40 and P-47 era as accurately as possible, but
    also for the first-time on video, in the voices of those who served with the "Checkertail Clan".

    This has been edited and created by me-alone and so I am sure some things will have 'slipped through the net', but I am one
    man and I do not make videos for a living nor do I edit sound either. This is my hobby and I use it to tell the memories of
    those who fought in WW2 for our freedom.

    Above, I say this is a "by me alone". I mean by that that I am the Pen that creates what you see. It has taken many people's
    help to create the ink in that Pen which many times over has been re-filled by all those who have joined me in the journey of
    the creation of this film.

    I'd like to thank so-many people, but I have credited them at the end of the film where possible.

    Singled out has to be the following though.

    Ralph Gimenez (Monguse) who's fault this is! After finishing "Not my time to die!" and saying I'd never make another movie, one-day,
    Ralph casually said over Skype "Hey, have you ever heard of the Checkertail Clan?" and that my friends is where all my troubles began!

    Ian MacDonald (325th_Swoop)who flew me across parts of America to interview some of the pilots seen in the feature and also put me up
    when I travelled to the US to record some of the Veterans.

    Gary Bullock, who has worked in the film industry for years, and took one-look at the script (probably cried) and then set about making it
    the product it is today and which he kindly Narrated for me.

    Finally, thanks to the living pilots (and one who passed while this was being made) who have tolerated my questions and given their time
    to tell me their Checker-tales.

    Of-note has to be Art Fiedler, a P-51 Ace with the 317th FS, who's reply to my initial approach pointed me along the Roller-Coaster
    ride this has been and who has been a fantastic source of information and friendship since this project began. His dedication put me in-touch
    with other survivors of the clan and ultimately ended with me attending the 65th Reunion of the "Checkertail Clan" in September 2010, held
    at the WW2 Memorial in Washington, DC.

    Okay, enough blurb!

    The torrent links are here:

    (This link is to the full resolution Dual-Layer .iso file to burn to a Dual-Layer disk)

    (This link is mis-named (sorry) and is for the Checkertail.exe which contains a self-extracting .rar file, which contains an .avi file (needs the xvid codec to view), a CD Label, DVD Label and readme file)

    Hopefully you will enjoy and learn something of the Checkertail Clan in this feature and look-forward to the release of Part 2 (early-to-late 2012).
    Sorry it'll take so-long, again, I do this in my spare time and as a hobby, but'll be worth the wait?

    New link for those who don't like/use torrents:

    New Link added. This is the .avi file, CD Label and DVD Cover along with the readme file now hosted at Mediafire for those who don't like or have knowledge of torrents. The files, once downloaded can be extracted by double-clicking the .exe file which will then ask you where you want to extract the files to :

    Hope that helps those of you who don't like torrents, but you must download all the files for the .exe to work.

    Cheers, MP

    Cheers, Neil "Mysticpuma" Pugh

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    For those who want to know a bit more about Mysticpuma, check this thread.

    Ahh, isn't he such an Angel?
    How could you possibly shoot at him?

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    New streaming option added to the original post. Watch it at Blip TV:

    Cheers, MP

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    Basically the server that was hosting the Checkertails Part 1 has now removed the link (we did get Three-days though).

    Now, there are currently a lot of people who downloaded the files by torrent and still have them on their torrent programs, but I now don't have a link active for anyone to click on to download the torrent file.

    Can anyone explain how to create a link to the torrent file that is already available on some servers and peoples computers so I can get the torrent links active again please?

    Cheers, MP

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    I also added the original 'epic' "Not my time to die!" to the Blip TV channel.

    Low quality, but for those who haven't seen's easy to watch streaming now.

    Cheers, MP

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    all i can say is absolutely amazing. Those are the only words i can find to describe that video

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