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Thread: Camarillo Air Show

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    Default Camarillo Air Show

    I had the privilege of attending the Camarillo Air Show today .... as air shows go it was rather ordinary but it was extra special today because I enjoyed the company of MysticPuma, Monguse, and Evan, Monguse's son, and I met two members of the 325th Virtual Fighter Squadron. To make it even better, if it were possible to do that, I met Art Fiedler and Robert Goebel, both P-15 aces from the 325th Fighter Group and 31st Fighter Group, respectively.

    The day started off with breakfast with Monguse, Evan, and MysticPuma. After only a few words I quickly realized that MysticPuma speaks a foreign language (he's from England); he speaks it very well and I actually understand most of it, but I had to listen very closely to really hear what he was saying. Almost as quickly as I realized he was speaking a different language than I was used to hearing (no, it wasn't Spanish) I learned that his sense of humor was even drier than mine. I was in stitches most of the rest of the day!! What a treat to spend a Saturday with these three fine gentlemen!!

    Of course, you really can't have an airshow without airplanes. Here was an especially nice P-40; she drew my attention early and I grabbed this photo.

    I admit to being spoiled by the Chino Air Show, which annually has over a hundred warbirds on display, most of which are flyable. Camarillo had far fewer, but those it did have were excellent examples of their type. There was one beautiful P-51D, and this very nice F6F.

    Here's a T-3 Texan "exposed". Walking up to it and examining how it is constructed was a fascinating education in mechanics. For many folks it would look like a "tinker-toy". I found the cables, wires, pipes, framework, and other construction pieces amazing. But probably most of all I was struck by how SMALL the seats were; not only was the seat itself very narrow and shallow, the bracing would not permit an older gentleman to sit down .. it simply isn't wide nor deep enough. No doubt that is an example of 1940-ish invidious discrimination based on size. And I doubt very much the designers gave a darn!!

    Parked very near the Texan was this beautiful F8 Bearcat. How sweet is this???!

    As I was wandering around gaping at the warbirds, MysticPuma and Monguse were busy talking with the dozen or so WWII vets that were there sharing stories, selling books, signing autographs, and generally tolerating the unending and admiring questions of two (maybe three) generations of admirers. Monguse and MysticPuma mentioned, at breakfast, that they had spent several hours talking with Art Fiedler about his experiences with the 325th (in no small part in preparation for "Checkertails"). Mr. Fiedler was there with other vets and was as gracious as I've learned all WWII vets (at least those that I have met) are. Here he is autographing a copy of a print for MysticPuma (one of many that MysticPuma has created) -- MP is on the right, Mr. Fiedler on the left. I feel truly blessed to have met both these gentlemen.

    There were two beautiful examples of B-25s at the show; one of them, "Heavenly Body", is housed at Chino and I've seen many times. This one, "Executive Sweet", was unknown to me. She's a beauty!! Notice the upper turret. Everything about this aircraft was stunning.

    As I was talking to MysticPuma I noticed an F7F Tigercat land and taxi to the tarmac. I've always had a love affair (if that term can be used to describe an affection for aircraft lines) for the Tigercat; it pleases me aesthetically and I'm convinced it is, without a peer, the most beautiful piston aircraft to ever be produced, and there have been many, many beautiful aircraft. The Tigercat is HUGE. As I was describing it to MP and commenting about how beautiful an airplane it was, he, without missing a beat or turning around to see, averred "it must be a P-47 that just landed". "Not so much", I quickly retorted. "I said a 'beautiful aircraft', not a JUG". He snorted in derision (did I add he thinks the Thunderbolt is the most beautiful of all aircraft? -- there's no explaining some folks tastes, LOL). Here is a nice shot of that fantastic Tigercat as she sat on the tarmac. I can gaze at them for hours.

    I wandered around for an hour or so, then found Monguse and Evan agan (I'd wandered off and lost them). Together we walked down the warbirds aisle and Monguse and Evan spent almost as much time taking in the Tigercat as I had. Monguse is in the red hat (there's a story there, but I'll save it for another day). Evan is the lad on his right.

    Eventually the day had to end; I had a 2 1/2 hour drive home. Before I left we all went back to "Executive Sweet" to take a group photo. From left to right, MysticPuma, Monguse, and Evan.

    A nice lady saw what we were doing and offered to take a picture of all of us. I gave her my camera and this is the result. From left to right, Persecutor, MysticPuma, Monguse, and Evan. Believe it or not, my camera still works!!

    Meeting Monguse and MysticPuma, particularly in the context of "Checkertails", was a special treat and adds a different flavor to my participation in the making of the movie. Being able to talk with Art Fiedler, however briefly, reinforces the "special nature" of participation in the movie making.

    We spend hours and hours on our hobby and develop close virtual friendships over the years. I've had the wonderful privilege of meeting many of my virtual friends personally. ClayPigeon, Deacon, Gator, Rooster, Crater, Coster, Ramblin'Jack, and now MysticPuma and Monguse. What a treat it would be to meet all of you!

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    Default Re: Camarillo Air Show

    Good times I'm sure!

    Did the map come up?
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    Default Re: Camarillo Air Show


    Ahh, isn't he such an Angel?
    How could you possibly shoot at him?

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    Default Re: Camarillo Air Show

    Wow, that is great Pers. Glad you were able to experience that and meet those guys there. Awesome photos!! Does MysticPuma live in the U.S.?

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    Default Re: Camarillo Air Show

    Quote Originally Posted by 352ndBooze
    .... Does MysticPuma live in the U.S.?
    No, he lives in England (which may go some distance in explaining that strange language he speaks!) and flew in especially for this airshow and opportunity to meet with and interview Art Fiedler. As he and Monguse were describing their meeting it became clear that the Checkertails movie is going to be the better for the time spent each spent here. Between MysticPuma and Monguse the degree of attention to detail exceeds even what we are doing on the Cross-Channel map. For example, it was very important to them that they get the aircraft number correct for one particular scene they are including in the movie; apparently there are NO known images or references to the number on the aircraft used by the pilot that day (it wasn't his normal mount, which was in for maintenance, but borrowed from someone else). By the process of elimination, reasoned deduction, and reference to hundreds of photos they finally determined that the number had to be a particular one, but they never give up trying to find a picture or other corroborating detail, even to traveling half-way around the world and interviewing veterans that were there.

    The dedication both MysticPuma and Monguse display to their craft is really remarkable. I absolutely can't wait to see the final result of their movie-making, and really enjoy being a small part of it.

    Ahh, isn't he such an Angel?
    How could you possibly shoot at him?

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    Default Re: Camarillo Air Show

    Thanks for posting good stuff!
    Flying as BlitzPig_TOAD

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    Default Re: Camarillo Air Show

    I can't wait to see the final movie edit and am proud to be a part of it. Thanks for the pictures Pers, I am waiting for the Reno Air Races and hope nothing comes up to prevent me from attending this year. If anyone is planning to go to the Reno Air Races let me know and we will surely get together.


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    Default Re: Camarillo Air Show

    Wow that truly IS dedication. Thats a Long way to come. :o Looking froward to seeing their working when completed.

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    Default Re: Camarillo Air Show

    With all the data we have its gonna be great!

    Anyways, more pics here guys

    Dang that was fun!

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    Default Re: Camarillo Air Show

    Mystic got me some good info for my mods aswell. This is a fantastic community, i gotta join up with you guys one of these days...

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