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    Good Evening Gentlemen,
    I have spoke to some of you but not many so i thought i would introduce myself. Im Ken. Born and raised at Ft.Bragg NC and recently moved up to Cleveland in Aug. I am 24 and married with 2 beautiful children and a somewhat decent wife . My son is 2 and my daughter is 6. My background is primarily Law Enforcement and security as well as the Military having a huge impact in my life growing up. My father was Jack-Of-All-Trades when it came to Hueys back in Viet-Nam from 70-71. He served as a door gunner, mechanic, and on more than on occasion pilot. My PC gaming career has been mainly First Person Shooters such as the battlefield series with a little sub simulation thrown in. I am a former WO1 in my last clan in which i was over training for the infantry aspect of the game Bad Company 2. In that clan I was also a Server Admin for TS as well as a SuperMod in Vbulletin. I have recently gotten into Flight Sims and am very "gung-ho" om the subject. I have very much enjoyed the short time i have been around you guys. I flew a little with RJ today and appreciated the little tips and pointers he game me and it wasnt much but the more i know the better. I am very excited to learn from you all and become the best possible desk chair pilot I can be. I feel that even though my skills as sim pilot are lacking that there are a few things i could possibly bring to the squadron and am willing to put forth the effort. My wife sometimes pokes fun of all the work i have put into my last clan and i understand that these are all just games but this is one of the things i enjoy and i enjoy every aspect of it and that includes the tedious task that go along. If your curious as to some of the things i have done with my past gaming clan the website is Im sure if you go on there and look around my work is still floating around lol. But as i said i look forward to learning from you guys both in game as well as life experiences. If anyone uses a program called XFIRE you can find me on there i am always logged in. my username is kenwright.

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    Welcome to the 352nd Virtual Fighter Group forums, Ken! We're looking forward to flying with you. See you this evening.

    Ahh, isn't he such an Angel?
    How could you possibly shoot at him?

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