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Thread: AAR, 05092010

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    Default AAR, 05092010


    90 minute flight, no lock-ups. Knock on wood...

    1st Sortie: Squadron flight as a whole to Midway, kicked-ass, 1 kill, stupid me got tangled up low on the deck with two wildcats,result":burning balsa wreckage in the coral blue waters. Lesson: run when you can, know when to leave a fight and store points.
    2nd sortie: best sortie ever in my short career. Took off in a D3,( that one has cannons and guns, nice punch) Noticed tracer fire at high-alt, and hearing Viper's comms that those were likely two B-17's. Followed them all the way to Midaway, once they were on landing approach and landing, I saw one coming to a standstill, the pilot was desperately clicking his "refly"button, but in vain. Lucky Bushpilot was making the pass of his live, dropped a 250 kg bomb on the B-17, and scored a direct hit. I think that FA pilot still has a RSI finger from clicking refly!
    I ran home, on my way back I fired a few rounds at a PBY, my tailgunner Sunedai took over, and minutes later we got the message e. a. destroyed. Good shooting mate!
    Landed on the deck, although I slipped off from the side because the cook had spilled some sushi on the deck. I will have his ass flogged.

    You have to know when to quit, so I did.

    Too bad the campaign scoring system credits you 100 points for an enemy aircraft, regardless of size, or the amount of engines. Anyway, it was an honor again to fly with you all.

    I am really looking forward to the next campaign, flown on the CCM map, so many new things to learn. Btw, for those who flew last Friday, we got a special medal from the AKA's.


    Pers, is there a way to place that ribbon in our medal system? I am a little medal savvy

    Thanks for reading.

    Bon soir, mes amis!


    nunc aut nunquam!

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    Default Re: AAR, 05092010

    That's pretty cool, BP.

    Medal awards are made by the CO, and this is unusual. We'll discuss it at the Command Staff level and do the right thing.

    I'm impressed, and very, very pleased. Well done, fellow blue-nosers!

    Ahh, isn't he such an Angel?
    How could you possibly shoot at him?

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