I am really a new newbie, so I guess I am "entitled" to be uninformed ( OK...stupid ! )

Even though I can barely fly, I have downloaded the <352nd crosschannel map > because I want to learn about the Battle of Britain and found that it loads from <Ubvisoft IL-2 sturmovik 1946>??


1. How does one use the crosschannel map ?
Is there a tutorial that explains its use ?

2. How can it be part of <Ubvisoft IL-2 sturmovik 1946> ?
I also fly < BoB II 2.10 >

3. Though I am just a novice, I can land about 50% of time safely . When I can control my a/c
well enough I will probably make use of this map...at the slo-oww rate that I am learning to "fly: that will take
2-3 months !