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Thread: X-52 Profiles - for TC

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    You asked about profiles. Because of the unique differences in each aircraft represeted in Lock On, profiles are usually aircraft dependent, and, as you guesssed, controlled by the X52 Profiler. You will find that no one profile from anybody covers all the things you want it to do, but, you can usually mix and match features from different profiles and get the controllers where you want them to be. It takes experimentation, time and patience to work it out - but you will end up with something you like.

    Try one of these (there are 4 pages of them): Lock On X52 Profiles

    Remember, you can still program a lot of 'generic' basic flight features directly through the Options Section and not use the profiler at all. For the advanced stuff you'll have to go with the profiler. Depends on how deep you want to go.
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    Thanks Oscar I can use these as a reference, what I plan to do is start out by just programming my controller for basic flight for the Hog and Eagle, once I got the basic of flying these monster I'll add the nav features and so on taking it one step at a time. TC

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