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    Is there any-way to cut down the amount of auto-gen trees around the field textures? Because I love this map, but down low my frame-rates drop and although I can dly perfectly well, it's not smooth enough for me.
    I had this problem before on Canon's chanel map, but using 2 cores for Il-2 seemed to sort this out for me

    I think I could edit the load.ini to do this, but I don't really want to muck it up. It would be good if I could make it so that some textures use the trees and some don't, as then I'd still have a great environment, but one that is easier on my rig.

    My PC specs:
    Intel core 2 duo processor @ 2.00 a core
    ATI 4650 (512mb)
    4GB RAM

    So not the best PC, but it runs Il-2 on perfect settings

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    This "might" help your particular installation.

    Go into the "/MODS/mapsmods/maps/_Tex/352nd_Cross_Channel" folder and find the files *_tree(s).tga and move them to a temporary directory. This will eliminate a lot of the trees associated with the textures.

    Check your conf.ini file for the 'forest' setting and try either "forest=2" or "forest=3" in either the OPENGL or DirectX sections (depending on which one use use).
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    I'll try and report back

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