With the imminent release of the 352nd Cross Channel Map, we thought it prudent to set forth a few rules and instructions for this forum.

Of course, we hope everyone will be able to install our map with a minimum of ease and everything will work correctly - first time. However, we are also aware that this isn't always the case and that some will encounter a problem that we didn't anticipate. This forum is the place to report problems and receive resolution in an expeditious manner. Others will have general comments about the map and we welcome them openly. If you see something you think should be resolved, give us a constructive post and we will investigate it and if necessary add it to our "fixit list" for some future re-release.

We ask that you be concise about the problem that you may be experiencing so that we can sort it out as quickly as possible and get you running smoothly.

With all the various PC configurations out there, it may be necessary that we may contact you directly via PM to resolve your issue. Please provide a basic summary of the game environment on your system to assist us in quickly resolving the problem.

If a thread has already been created by someone else for the same thing you are reporting, please use the already created thread to add your comments.

We will catalog all the problems and resolutions and publish them in a FAQ of sorts which will be available under a topic called "CCM FAQ" so that users can come to a single point (thread) to resolve their problems quickly.