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Thread: Practice Departure 05/20/10

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    Default Practice Departure 05/20/10

    I made a track of last night practice session and I must tell you if you haven't seen this than you are missing a thing of beauty. I started the track after the first two flight so I missed the beginning but dam the rest is amazing. Now on with the observations of which I only have one at this time.

    I think the lead flight is making the turn to sharply and that accounts for the trailing flight zooming past. It's really hard to cut the corner when you are unable to judge the angle the lead flight is taking until you are right up on them. Keep the turn at 15 -20 degrees and there shouldn't be any problem of trailing flights maintaining there proper position. The lead flight turn is so sharp that they are in the traffic pattern just a little to high and that IMHO is to tight of a turn. Watch the track and you'll see what I mean. TC

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    Did you upload the track to the ftp site? If so, where is it and what is the name? If not, can you do so? I thought I was making a track but actually failed to do so.

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    I also thought you made a track. that's why I didn't post mine not being complete and all. It's on the ftp now in the tracks folder and titled- Departure Practice 052010. As I said I didn't start the recording until after the first 2 runs, to be honest, I didn't think we would do that well, that only goes to show why I'm only a 2Lt. TC

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