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    Default Missing .exe file

    OK guys .... I'm not sure what happened but I turned on my computer last night to fly a little bit in Hyperlobby. I went into the JGSE mod changer and dissabled all my mods (Sequentially) . I then fired up hyperlobby and was going to jump into a server . I clicked on the join server button and it acted like it was going to join. The hyperlobby screen minimized (like it always does) and that's when the problems started. Usually the IL2 loading screen pops up..... but it didn't . Hyperlobby popped back up. Then i got to thinking that maybe a 4.10 had come out, so i checked. Nope still 4.09. So then I checked to see if Hyperlobby had a new version out. 4.11.2 is out so I DL'ed and installed it. when installing it it asked to be pointed to the IL2 .exe file. I entered the path, and that's where it said it couldn't find the .exe file. I physically went into my IL2 root directory to look for it, and its GONE! I haven't done any virus scans or deleted anything as of late so I don't know what could have happened. The last time I got to fly with you guys , it worked fine. I tryed a system restore back to about a week ago..because I haven't been on my computer for about that long.... but it didn't fix the problem. Would it be possible for someone to send me there .exe file, or do i need to reinstall 4.09 update? I hope I don't have to do a complete reinstall. any suggestions would be greatfull...Thanks


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    Check your PMs.

    Ahh, isn't he such an Angel?
    How could you possibly shoot at him?

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    Booze probably stole your exe file. He's been known to "borrow on a permanent basis" parts to anything he's in need of. Check Clay, also. He'll do anything to slow you boys down.

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