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Thread: 328th FS Skins Request

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    Default 328th FS Skins Request

    ~S~ Everyone !

    This is "Harper" from the 328th VFS, one of the squadrons from the famous 352nd FG. We really enjoy your web site and have been watching your site for a while now with a lot of interest.

    I any event, we over at the 328th are looking to see if the 352nd FG has any squadron skins with the aircraft code letters "PE" that could outfit up to 12 aircraft in our squadron. Each plane having their own unique aircraft identifier much like that found with the 487th FS, code letter "HO".

    Unfortunately, we don't have a squadron skinner presently and we are looking for authentic squadron skins to assign to each of our pilots. Any help that the 352nd FG could offer would be of help.

    On another note, we do have the generic blue nosed skins made by Leadspitter but we are looking for skins specific to the 328th FS, 352nd FG.

    Thanks in advance..

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    Hello, Harper.

    Our official skinner is Jinkers. We use the 328th skins, as you probably know, in our Group. I'm sure we can help out with your request, although Jinkers is frequently out of town on work and is busy with squadron skinning duties, too.

    Hopefully he'll see this post and get in touch with you. If he doesn't, remind us. We're here to help.

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    Thanks Persecutor ! Do appreciate the reply. Any help regarding squadron skins is much appreciated. I will watch this thread for any replies..


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    For Jinks ..............

    Ahh, isn't he such an Angel?
    How could you possibly shoot at him?

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    Hi Harper,

    Sorry for the late reply, I have been AWOL in the real world for a while. If you guys aren't in a real big hurry I can put together a set of 328th skins that would have tail letters and the PE squadron marking but no nose art. I could also provide you would a template file with the necessary layers to create your own skins - Your choice Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. The layer file we use is a modified version of Leadspitters.

    Let me know which you prefer.


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    Thankyou for the reply Jinkers ! We were able to fill our skinners position internally a few days ago regarding our squadron skins (PE). Initially we had a need but after several days had passed from my initial post, someone within the 328th stepped up and took on the job. Many thanks again for your reply.

    : )


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