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Thread: Trim Box (by request...)

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    After posting pictures of my trim box I have received several requests for more info on how I built it. So, I am posting some more pictures and some additional information.

    First let me say that I built this 5 or 6 years ago and purchased all of the parts from Radio Shack. A stop at the local Shack and a quick trip through their web site and I see that in the last 5 years the Shack has gotten away from component level projects. I guess nobody does this kind of stuff any more. So, I did some quick googling and came up with what I believe are acceptable replacement parts. Potentiometers are just resisters with an adjustable tap so they will be no problem, switches are switches. As long as you find something with the characteristics that I have listed they will work. The project box is easy, RS still sells them. The USB game port adapter however is a different story. The RS part I used is no longer available. I found a part that should work the same.

    Second... If you don't have some basic knowledge of soldering then you will probably have a hard time with this. I'm not going to cover solder technique since entire books are written on this.

    Third... Many of these parts are much more expensive then they were at radio shack back in the day. This project isn't as economically sound as it was, especially since you can probably buy something now that would provide the same functions.

    Ok, so here is the parts list:

    1 Manhatten USB Game Port Adapter (
    1 Radio Shack 7x5x3 Project Enclosure (
    4 TYCO Single Pole Double Throw Momentary Toggle Switch from Newark Electronics (
    4 200KΩ 1-turn Potentiometer from Newark Electronics (

    Here is a picture of the finished product. Once you plug it in to a USB port windows should recognize it as a generic 4-axis, 4-switch joystick. All you will have to do is assign the buttons and axis to a function in the game. This pic shows how I have them assigned. Also notice the layout of the trim knobs. I placed them in this layout because they are sort of laid out like the trim wheels on the P-51. You can lay them out any way you like.

    This next picture shows the inside of the box and how the wiring was done. I used 20 AWG stranded wire. You could use 18 or 22 but the 18 gets a little big for the pins and 22 is hard to find. Note that the wires entering the 15 pin game port are soldered pins with heat shrink tubing over them. You could use crimp style pins but they are not as robust of a connection - physically nor electrically. You could also substitute electrical tape for the shrink tubing but I prefer the shrink tube.

    This picture is a close up of the USB to Game Port Adapter. Notice that it is set for Joystick A. This same setting should be available on the Manhatten adapter. All Game Ports had the same pin out and the same electrical characteristics so I assume that the game port adapter will have the same pin out at the Shack adapter.

    This is the electrical schematic. If you wire from the potentiometers and switches as shown here it should work. This is basically a point to point wiring process, nothing fancy. The hardest part will be for the old guys trying to read the numbers on the connector ???

    Have fun ;D

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    Default Re: Trim Box (by request...)

    Thanks for the info Jinks. Hopefully have this thing made in a month or to ;D

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    Default Re: Trim Box (by request...)

    Just ordered my parts today.. ;D They should arrive at Jinkers house any day for assembly...haha :o S!


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    Default Re: Trim Box (by request...)

    Hey Jinks

    I completed the trimbox, but i have a question. Since IL2 only supports 2 controllers, how did you get it to work with your joystick and your rudder pedals. When i connect it to my pc, it cancels out either my rudder pedals or my joystick. I will take a closer look at it tonight. Thanks for Posting the pics and the info on how to build it. ;D


    After messing around with it last night i was able to get all of my controllers to work with IL2 ..

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    Images aren't showing and even when I try to go direct using the image link I am not seeing any images. :(

    It's not a project I will be starting tomorrow or even this week but it is one I would like to try.


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    Yup, I don't see them either. Jinkers is off to the grand beyond on an extended job-related location. The server hosting his images may be down -- we have never hosted them here.

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