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    I was just wondering if you guys had any screenshots of RAF Eastchurch. My HL personna is RAF_BeoWolf, and I'm in RAF 662, we claim RAF Eastchurch as our base of operations and the depiction in Canons map is a bit lacking. I got the research some of the old hands put together for the old CFS maps and revamped Eastchurch with some overlays they did. It definitely looks a bit better populated the way it looked back in the 40's. We used the old DF maps from IL-2 for new members check rides. I brought up the idea of taking them back home to RAF Eastchurch which led to the revamp of the existing version. If you have some you could share I'm sure the entire squad would love to see them.


    RAF BeoWolf

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    I just quickly grabbed some screen shots from the FMB of Eastchurch .... these aren't real fancy but they show the airfield as it exists on the map.

    Hope this helps.

    Shoot, as I look at the preview, I noticed I didn't even add RAF markings to the Spits. Sorry ..........

    Ahh, isn't he such an Angel?
    How could you possibly shoot at him?

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    Thanks mate, looks good.

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    never mind for the "russian plane" ...

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