Just some food for thought in a mission. Don't know what other category to put this in. Taken from a group I occasionally fly with.

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The bomb run was the B-24 mission to the power station. Seemed pretty much a standoff between bombers and fighters tonight.

After the meeting I settled into the new 4.09m version, full mission builder. I was interested in some of the new features such as, infantry and troop drops. On playing it, I noticed I got a neat 500 points for dropping troops over the combat zone. Also, I flew over the infantry group moving across an open field. I wondered if I landed nearby, would they engage me. Upon landing I nosed over and bent the prop. Soon an infantry platoon of 11 men came out of the woods and redirected to my position. As I zoomed in on them I saw they were armed with automatic weapons and bazooka. I watched in amazement as they advanced in three's...exchanging advancement of three's. Wow...when in range the guys with automatic rifles opened up and I could hear the bullets penetrating the aircraft. Then the guy with the bazooka blew me up. Much more than I had expected..for sure.

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