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Thread: Solving Ownership issues in Windows 7 (Vista too)

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    Default Solving Ownership issues in Windows 7 (Vista too)

    Many folks have been, since the release of Vista, complaining about problems getting IL-2 to work correctly. Some folks solve the issue in Vista by putting the game somewhere other than in the Program Files folder and the problem goes away. That may be true, but it doesn't really address the source of the problem (although it probably solves it a different way -- putting the game in a separate "user created" folder system will give that user full control over the contents, which is what we are doing here, anyway).

    In my experience, nearly every issue I've run across in either Vista or Windows 7 is the direct result of ownership and permission issues.

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with Vista or Windows 7 and used to running XP, the ownership and permission issue will be entirely new to you. If you have any experience with Linux, you know more about both ownership and permissions than you ever need to know (unless you are an IT guy or a real geek).

    Starting with Vista and evolving in Windows 7, M$ added what is, in my opinion, a kludged effort to improve system security along the lines of what Linux uses. The result is a structure that is less robust than Linux (but not much easier to use) but more secure than what XP had. Part of the ownership and security issue was the ubiquitous UAC issue. That is only the small part of the battle.

    What I'm about to suggest to you will solve 99% of all issues you will have running Windows 7 (Vista too, for that matter) with IL-2 (and nearly every other program -- but never touch your anti-virus program structure), but do this at your own risk. What is happening here, when you do this, is that you revert the OS to ownership and control like XP had for all the files and folders you apply this to. Realize that, by doing this, you are bypassing the enhanced security that M$ built into Windows 7 for your benefit. Wasn't it nice for Redmond to help us so?

    Personally, I don't want M's enhanced security. Others may disagree; that's okay. These steps will work, though. At least, they do for me. My system does not lock up, does not freeze, and simply works. This is some of what I did to achieve that.

    How to deal with the ownership/permission issue in Vista or Windows 7.

    One way to (partially) deal with it is to right/click on your link and run as administrator.

    However, why not fix it so you don't have to do that?

    Here's the way. -- realize that, in 64 bit systems, older 32 bit programs are installed, by default, into <Drive Letter:>\Program Files (x86)\. 64 Bit programs are installed into <Drive Letter:>\Program Files\. Its an organizational thing and doesn't affect, as far as I can tell, how programs run otherwise -- but ownership rules DO.

    Navigate to your games' root folder -- here's mine

    Right click your game's root folder and select "Properties".

    In the Properties dialog, click on the Security Tab, then click on "Advanced".

    In the Advanced dialog, notice that there are a Permissions and a Owner tab, among others. Select Owner. Notice the Current Owner. Whoever it is, it probably isn't your user. Assuming your User is John, and assuming the Current Owner is not John(YourComputersName\John), you need to change the Owner. You also need to adjust the new Owner's permissions.

    Is the owner you want to use listed in the Change owner to box? Probably not. Either way, click on Edit.

    If your user is listed, highlight the user, tick the "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects", and click OK.

    If your user is NOT listed, click "Other users or groups".

    Type your user name in the "Enter the Object Name ..." area ... i.e., John ... then click Check Names. Your user should display. Highlight it and click OK. That takes you back to the previous dialog.

    Highlight your user, tick the "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects", and click OK.

    That gets you back to this dialog.

    Click the "Permissions" tab.

    There a lot of listed "Owners", or groups with stated permissions. Your user should be there -- click on "Change Permissions".

    Locate your user, click "Change", and tick the "Full Control" "Allow" box. All the boxes will now be ticked.

    When that is done, you'll see this dialog:

    Tick both lines "Include inheritable permissions from the object's parent" AND "Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object".

    Click OK. It will take a while while Windows applies all the permission changes, but when it is done, you should be able to run the game.

    One other thing you can do is to select the il2fb.exe executable, right click it, and in the compatibility area select Windows XP. I believe I did that. I've had no compatibility issues at all.

    You can do this "take control" process over other areas in the OS, too. I did it in the ProgramData Start Menu link, so I can edit my Start Menu easily. I also did it in my Users/Larry folder for the same reason. In fact, I did it in the entire Program Files and Program Files (x86) structure, although I did NOT do it in the Windows folder.

    Hope this helps.

    Remember though, by doing this, you bypass the enhanced security that M$ has built into Windows7 in the effected folders. Make absolutely certain your system is secured by having a good firewall and a good anti-virus; but then, you should be doing all of that anyway.

    By the way, turn OFF UAC. Do that by going into the User area of the Control Panel, select your user, and turn off UAC in the resulting dialog. You need to log off and back on to effect the change.
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    Default Re: Solving Ownership issues in Windows 7 (Vista too)

    I meant to pass this address on to Deacon the other day ,it may help him solve his TS3 issue .Its also useful info for all vista and windows 7 users .It is a reliable site with solid information given to me by KG26 Alpha an old buddy of mine and a PC professional.
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