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    ~S~ 352nd VFG and 352ndBooze!!
    I do not how far your group is on the channel map
    or in France. I have a real life Photo Recon picture
    of the Marshaling Yards in Rouen France.
    I know how the 352nd VFG wants to build a more
    Historical map. So here is the RL Recon Photo of
    the Marshaling Yards in Rouen France.

    You will have to enlarge the picture some in order to get a better view of the
    Marshaling Yards.

    As yo know this was the First Target that the USAAF Bomb on August 17, 1942.
    I will try and get more RL Pictures of Targets that the USAAF Bomb in France and


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    in fact the first bombing mission is on Sotteville les Rouen
    a small town near the suburds of rouen
    the target is a large railway station

    Rouen is bombing in 1944 before dday and on august 1944 during the withdray of the VII army
    when the remaining motorize ou mecanised unit try to cross the Seine

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