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    Hi Guys

    I know Im only a newbie here at the 352nd and I know its a big ask but as alot of downloads seem to always be at M4T, Im asking if somebody could help get an account there as it wont send me a email finalising my account I cant get in there, now if all that is needed is here or can be linked without going to M4T Im happy with that. So if somebody can get me in touch with the website admin or an email address that would be great. THANKS

    Also can anyone tell me if a campaign has been done for the legendary Aussie Ace Clive Killer Caldwell if not theres one for you.

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    Beebop is a member here (look him up in the member roster, link below right) and send him a PM. That should get you on the way to fixing whatever registering problem you have at M4T.

    I've not heard of a campaign for Caldwell, but I also haven't looked for one. If one exists, M4T would likely be the place to find it.

    If you can't reach Beebop send me a PM here and I'll try a different way for you.

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    thanks will try that

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    There certainly is a very nice Caldwell-campaign (RAAF, P-40, Afrika and other places) to be had at M4T.....

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    Thanks Pierre1946

    Only problem still unable to join at M4T, I just cant get a email link to confirm account so unable to get any downloads from there.

    Now I can just say that as of right now Im joined M4T so when I see links to campaigns and skins and they link to it Im not slicing pieces out of my arm with a razor sharp blade and digging chunks out of my desk top.......ooops ....... :o yea just thinking out aloud hehe..

    Thanks BeeBop and persecutor for your help .... very much appreciated now I can put the blade back in cupboard ;D

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    Default Re: joining M4T

    An editors pick no less for the campaign Pierre linked.
    I'll have to check it out.
    Thanks Pierre.

    I am glad to see you finally got joining M4T sorted Craig.
    I hope to be seeing you there too.


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