I wish someone could make a small mod for the anti aircraft firing. I'd do it in a heartbeat if I knew how. I'm talking about those silly lines coming from the ground fire. Is there a mod someone could please make to remove them? Totally unrealistic! I hated them from the first minute I saw them. Somebody made a beautiful smoke mod for the aircraft ammo which I have now that shows the curly-que cordite behind the bullets fired from your aircraft, just as you see it in real gun-cam footage, but remember that effect is only for several hundred yards from your gun until the smoke dissipates. I think Oleg tried to put that effect on anti aircraft guns with these crazy lines. First of all, you are at least 2 miles up (10,000 ft) and there would NEVER be trailing smoke that far, secondly he has those lines straight as an arrow, which is nonsense , the shells as we all know.. arc. The modded flac is wonderful.but the mod I would like..remove those lines completely..heavy AA artillery fire should be..occasional ground flash with a puff of smoke at ground level, and 20mm/40mm AAA should only show well spaced arcing tracers (white or pale yellow?)..PLEASE..somebody remove those horrendous lines! Feedback appreciated..comments? : I'm actually surprised no one have addressed this with a mod already, or if there is one and I've missed it would someone please point me to it. I think a mod like this would really enhance the new map you are all doing such fantastic work on.