I'm a new member to the group. I'm 63 years old, retiring in July, I had a pilot's license and lost it for medical reasons, so now I live my dreams in the air on Microsoft FSX and the IL2 series.
I'm still waiting for BoB which we all know has been in the works for years. I used to fly online at "Warbirds" but I got tired of the cost. I love Oleg's series but the only 2 things I found lacking were the sounds (which I want to thank for the mods supplied to fix that) and the map sceneries, which looked really barren due to the "generic" layering. So I'm am REALLY excited at the look of the work you fellas are doing, and I want to say in advances THANK YOU!!
And I congratulate and take my hat off to all the excellent work you are doing. One final note, two of my greatest memories...my father was in the air force at the end of the war, so I grew up on air bases. I lived in Mount Hope at 8 years old when it was an operational P51 Mustang base. There were a lot more freedoms back then, and me and my brothers would go to the field beside the runway and sit for hours watching the P51s take off and land. The RCAF had them painted in the usual Spit camo. Just like in the movie "Empire of the Sun" the pilots would wave or salute us as they flew by. My other great memorie, I met Adolf Galland and shook his hand in 1990, and got to chat with him a few minutes. Here's a real laugh..I asked him what the mouse on the side of his 109 was. He said it was his radio call sign "Mickey Mouse"!!