Well, it finally happened! A dream since my early youth some 50 years ago - came true last month at STALLION 51 up in the Florida Skys.


A Crash Helmet & Parachute replaced a Hat & Spurs and my pony for the day was Mustang 4, a beautifully restored TF-51 D WWII front line fighter known as "CRAZY HORSE"

Sensory overload, I mean a really bad case of it began the moment I rounded the hangar door on an 80 degree CAVU day at the Kissimmee Fl airport.

Gleaming in the colors commemorating the heroism of the 352nd fighter group known as "The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney" (that's what the German Pilots called them ) stood my PONY along with 3 other WWII Mustangs - all ready to leap into the sky.

Flying since I was 15 I knew this was going to be something really unique and the folks at Stallion 51 and my check pilot John did everything they could to provide it.
After a thorough review & mission brief, pre-flight walkaround we board the plane, strap in and the moment has arrived -

Crazy Horse has 3 onboard cameras that record the flight from startup to shutdown -- I would like to relay my general impression of my flight in Crazy Horse along with the video download links below.

The video links are organized as follows :

DS Movie Trailer ==>> Movie Trailer
a short teaser sent to my squad mates in the 352nd and other pilot friends.

DS RunUp to Takeoff ==>> Runup
interesting to Checklist & Everything MUSTANG Geeks, airport and runup procedures are most of it - the end has the advancing of the throttle and leaping into the sky - I'm the guy smiling in the back - then it was my plane from there.

DS Rolls and General Flight ==>> Rolls and Flight
generally got the feel for the old gal on the way south to McDill AFB and their Gun Range with Restricted AirSpace.  Went through a series of Basic Rolls, Barrell Rolls, 4 Point Rolls and the like.

DS Loops and 8s ; ==>> Loops
time to really pulll the world around the windscreen over the roads and gun ranges of McDill AFB - and the view was Way Cool.  On Loops and Cuban 8 set up is over runway and roads - check rudder line tracking those as we go over the top - this bird really handles.

DS Landing to Shutdown ==>> Landing

headed this PONY back to the BARN - passed a glider and bald eagle along the way - then to a busy airfield. Got to execute the overhead military break into runway 15 at Kissimmee.  Goal was to put the wheel thru the numbers and on the centerline and we walked away !! My 1st landing in a MUSTANG - doesn't get any better than that boys and girls.


For Non-Pilots - hope you enjoy the views presented - the world is different from the front seats - go get a Flying Lesson at your Local and find out for your self.

For my Pilot Friends - a picture is worth a thousand words - it was well more than you can imagine from a sensory/focus viewpoint but a true testament to the engineers who came up with this plane - it truly was the best fighter in World War II and in my book - of all time !!

To the folks at Stallion 51 www.Stallion51.com - nothing but the best to say about the facilities, staff, John my Check Pilot and of course "All the Little Ponies" - amazing !!

I will be happy to answer any questions in this forum post anyone has about this !!

and yes, that Merlin 65 pumping 1650 V-12 Horses through your hands and feet could be considered by many to be the "second best thing in the world":o