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    Mouthwatering images!!! This is becoming close to pornography!!!

    One question though, is the map using 4.09 standard textures or will be necessary to add new textures as well? Forgive me if you have already answer this question in another post but i could not find this info anyware

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    Ala13_Kokakolo thanks for your comments. ;D We have developed a set of custom textures for the map that will be distributed with it when completed.

    Best regards,

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    Shots 2, 3 and 6.

    Oooooo, #6 - you caught that explosion perfect!
    "War has a grim purpose and is extremely complex. Sophisticated planning and doctrine are present at every level. Yet at the point of fire battle is the essence of chaos and violence."

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    Thanks got lucky on that one. ;D

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    No pressure but............
    I can't stand the wait no more.

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    This is looking soooo good. You almost want to get down there among the hedgerows and join the infantry!

    Seeing these latest shots made me think about the South East England textures. Will these include the bright yellow fields that are so common in England in summer? They are planted with Oil Seed Rape and are very yellow indeed. No worries if not, was just curious.



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    Cheers Killerwat
    I had no idea Oil Seed Rape wasn't introduced until after the war. You learn something every day.

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