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    I was thinking it would be nice to have some Camo netteing that aircraft can actually fit underneath. I don't know if thats a possibility...Booze? Anyways, just a thought. Low priority.

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    Merlin, yea they're on the list, we actually have several of them in process.


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    Oh , cool! I should have known you'd have already thought of it. It is obviously of low priority but I've got to hand it to you guys, everyone involved in the creation process, My hats off to you!!! You work hard, do amazing work and leave nothing by the way side. ~S!!!!! and thank you! This sim gets better by the day all thanks to you!

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    Thanks Merlin, Its been a team effort thats for sure. If you come across any particular pics of different camo netting please send them to us. We have several in the works but finding out that they often did things different at different airfields. Wait til you see the cool Luftwaffe camo there is.

    Booze ;D

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