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Thread: New Bird WiP

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    Hi Wheels,
    no problem.
    The airplane is all finished. it will need a bit of mapping and texturing but other than that we are good. However, all efforts now are on the Cross Channel Map, which is the priority of the group. Once this is completed the T-6 will get back on the front line as well as that one, thanks to David Eckers

    and that

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    Thanks Champ.
    Nice plane and pilot ya gots there.

    Understood about what has priority right now.
    Looking forward to when it's on the front burner again.


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    hello people
    I'm new here.
    then you are building a T-6?
    congratulations for the initiative.
    is there any provision for the release?

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    Hi Booze !

    Very nice work !

    Did you see my PM ?


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    Hello! I'm new here, too.
    First, Congrats for that project - I like that plane.
    The pilot model looks nice too.....


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    Hi, normed_man. Welcome to the 352nd Virtual Fighter Group boards. Champ is the man to chat with about those two projects.

    Ahh, isn't he such an Angel?
    How could you possibly shoot at him?

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