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Thread: Raising Objects Who? How?

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    Default Raising Objects Who? How?


    I've notice in a few pictures on your cross channel map that the object "soldiers" have been raised either on the wing of an aircraft or up onto a control tower, being a target area modder I was wondering on how this was achieved? The only objects that are able to be raised are smoke, lights and fire....

    Can I please be informed on how this was achieved.


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    LAL_ROne created several mods containing "Humans" - Infantry Mod was one of them. The "raised" crew members are contained within one of those mods. Check on the AAA Forums.
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    Venatore, its pretty simple. You need to recreate an existing object by extracting it with the SFS Extractor and giving it its on folder/subdirectory somwhere in the MODS directory. You can go in to your directory as it is now and see the structure of other MODS. You want to keep it organized. Once you have it duplicated, skins edited etc., you need to create a section for it somewhere in the static.ini. Again you want to look at it and keep it organized with like items. It should look somehting like this.

    Title Human_06a
    MeshLive 3do/Buildings/addobjects/Human_06/live.sim
    MeshDead 3do/Buildings/addobjects/Human_06/dead.sim
    AlignToLand 0
    AddHeightLive 3.5
    AddHeightDead 3.5
    Body FuelSmall
    Panzer 0.005

    Adjust the height as you see fit and play with it a little bit and you'll get the idea.

    Hope this helps,

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    Thank-you both very much for your detailed and quick returns to my question. This is indeed a "Target Area" Modder's dream come true.....once again kind regards....and flawless map making 352nd!


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    Raising a small concern about this, will this "raised" Human mod be included as part of the objects, when this beauty is released? I know that the UI 1.1 is just around the corner and a CRT=2 for the Mod servers will be in effect on many of them, (tho may not be relevent on this part) client and server still have to have it, right? As a mission builder I know that if objects are included that some may not have, they simply don't see it. For instance I used some of the objects in Canon UK's channel map on the Slot. I could see them but many who didn't have Canon's map did not, no matter it still worked. But you see what I mean.

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    Krt Bong, yes we will either include anything new we create in our installer and or make sure everyone knows what other MODS are required to work with these maps. For instance R1's objects. We will be releasing a info doc along with the maps that will have all this documented.


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