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Thread: 352nd IL-2 December Update

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    ~S~ 352nd,

    I want thank you very much for letting myself and the DangerDogz Squadron use your "Guest Package" Mod Installer. I'm sure it took a lot of work to put together and gets everyone on the same page with the mods and makes it a no-brainer (perfect for the Dogz) to use! ;D

    I have not installed the December Mod Update package yet because I want to see how it works for people. I was wondering if you have found any problems with this December Update as of yet? Several of our mates have found that the All.ini file is missing these maps:

    Bessarabia Bessarabia/load.ini
    Slovakia slovakia/load.ini
    Slovakia_Online slovakia/load.ini
    IasiOnline Bessarabia/load_Iasi.ini
    OdessaOnline Bessarabia/load_Odessa.ini

    This is an easy fix which they have already applied and those maps are working in the FMB now.

    There are other users who think they may have other problems. Again, I have not installed this yet, so I do not know for sure. But I was just wondering if the 352nd have identified any other problems we could be aware of, or being worked on?

    Thanks again!


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    <Salute>, Snack.

    I am not aware of any issues with the December installer (I used the update rather than the full installer myself), although Beebop remarked that some of your folks have had issues with it. I referred that message on to Coster.

    Hopefully Coster will jump in here; I think he has a perspective on the subject.

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    S! Persecutor,

    Thanks for the reply. I'm pretty sure that most of our guys who have installed it have also use the Update and not the full installer).


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    Just a quick question as all the maps you list are from 4.09m. Are those members having the problem selecting the 4.09m version in the mod switcher?

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    No, I have not heard that problem at all. And from the posts that I have read those maps just don't appear in the FMB map selection. I think if somebody hosts a mission, the maps load ok (Not sure). That's what BadAim told me.

    You can find the Missing Maps posts here:,6457.0.html,6478.0.html

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    Sorry for the problems with the map lists. You are correct, those maps are missing from the current all.ini. An update will be coming out shortly that corrects the file.


    FYI, we don't have access to the boards in your link.
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    Ok Thanks guys.



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