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Thread: IL-2 object list

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    Boy thats for sure. He must like you Hook, I've gotten to the point where I duct tape my eyes open so I can work on the map late into the night. ;D


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    This may help this process go a little quicker...

    FabianFred says that there is a new utility at the darkside that will compile an html file with pictures for you.

    You just put your list in and run the .exe and your done.

    I haven't found it at the darkside yet but if it works like he says it does it will save you hours of time compiling the list.

    This is his post at UBI telling you about it.

    It's not much more than what I said already but if my post created any confusion his is the source.


    I've found it but I am not sure you want me linking to the source.
    Let me know if you want it via PM or if it's ok to post in the open.
    The pictures are ones that you must have saved with the file to begin with from what I could decipher from reading the thread.

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    Hook....any site of getting that object list out.
    It would really help with FMB.


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