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Thread: 352nd CCM and AAA-Mod

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    Default 352nd CCM and AAA-Mod

    Hi folks,

    at first: please apologize my poor knowledge of the english language...
    Secondly: thanks for your hosptality here.

    My question: Will I be able to install your Cross Channel Map while using the AAA-Mod?
    Or will I be able to install an AAA-Mod while using your Guest Mod Installer Package?
    Are both systems compatible to each other?

    Best regards,

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    Hi Blaubaer, and welcome to the 352nd VFG forums.

    Unless the AAA folks change their mod Unified Installer structure, the CCM installer will be completely compatible with it; one click and away the CCM installer will go, and shortly thereafter you will be flying in the ETO.

    The 352nd VFG Guest Package is structured like the original AAA installer (which was patterned after ours). Any AAA mod that follows the same structure should install without a problem in the 352nd VFG Unified Installer.

    Hope this answers your question, and Happy Holidays!

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    Default Re: 352nd CCM and AAA-Mod

    Hope this answers your question
    Yes, it does. Thanks a lot.

    So it should be no problem to watch all the nice landscape that can be seen in the Current Development thread on my own computer. But what's to do for that? Can I install the CCM map using the AAA installation?

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: 352nd CCM and AAA-Mod


    What Pers is saying is if you already have the AAA MOD installed, then to use the CCM when it is available to the public, all you have to do is D/L it. It will come with a installer built in that all you have to do is click on and it will install within your MODS folder under the Modmaps folder and your good to go. I'm at work so i cant tell you the exact folder at this time but all you should have to do is just run the .exe provided with the CCM and be flying on it in about 15 mins.

    Have a merry Christmas Blau, I hope this helps with your questions.

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