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    Hi all been a little while since we've posted progress. Since the last post we have had alot of development. Persecutor is close to finalizing the roads and bridges for the entire map. As you can imagine there was alot to do and Pers has done a wonderful job. We have also finished 11 more Luftwaffe bases and a couple more RAF airfields. Below please find some pics of RAF Stapleford. Still do not have a release date but we are marching closer and closer. Thanks again goes out to R1 for these buildings.

    Best regards,

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    Open mouthed and speechless!!


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    Its funny , I keep saying to myself that my current movie"wip" will be my last , but every time I come here and see the development of this map I start thinkin...well , maybe just one more... , Stunning work , simply stunning...Jafa.

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    Jafa welcome, glad you stopped by. Yea understand, just when you think its enough another IDEA pops into your head and off ya go. ;D Thanks for the kind words everyone has been working hard.

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    Great work once again Booze and co! I am speechless; the work you guys are doing is truly staggering. The new textures look great, the 3d tree lines look great too

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    yes great work
    very nice place

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    Hi Guys, Long time no post but had to say something about the stapleford shots it has not changed much i live about a 5 miles from the airfield which is still very active, you have got the runway orientation spot on well done guys looking very good~S~

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    Hi guys you may well have this photo the airfield has not changed much inside the perri track outside the motor way and large modern agriculture fields are the only big changes not bad for sixty odd years like i said spot on ~S~

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