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Thread: @Deacon: Airfield layout shots from BOB2

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    Default @Deacon: Airfield layout shots from BOB2

    Hi Deacon

    Back from my travels now. You requested shots of airfields from BOB2? I have compiled shots of the following airfields through flyovers

    Lee on Solent

    Several shots of each showing runway/landing field orientations and placement of buildings. It was the first time I have overflown and photographed all airfields, they do seem to have put a lot of individual work into each but I wasnt part of BDG during their creation so cannot vouch for accuracy.

    Files are in post below, and if there are others you want let me know and I will see if the airfields you want are modelled in BOB2, bearing in mind that BOBII simulates the fighter war exclusively, so it is unlikely much effort/accuracy was put into the coastal command or bomber command fields.

    I will post them to a download site in a zipped file when you let me know.


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    The comparisons will certainly be interesting. Obviously where you have solid info/data you will rely on that, but where you don't it may be difficult to decide! Older BDG members may be able to comment on the veracity of their base designs if you go to the BOBII forums.

    The comparisons are certainly interesting.

    EG 352nds Warmwell

    B&W Photo of Warmwell 1943

    Hand drawn map of Warmwell (note roads branching off south side)

    BOBII Warmwell.

    Definitely many similarities, especially allowing for the different methods of placing objects and defining eg roads. For example it seems 352nds Warmwell includes the same broad detail as the main airbase from the BOBII Warmwell but that the BOBII Warmwell has the extra road detail on the Southern side, and 352nds has very different building placement, though the general location of the facilities is approximately the same. Looking at the 1943 photo, not sure either group has the hangar placement seems to me that there were two large hangars as indicated in the photo/map (BOBII models one of these, 352nds Warmwell shows both, but inferior to the other airfield buildings) and that the cluster of support buildings in the eastern end was much less 'grand' than shown in either BOBII or 352nds. This isn't a criticism of either.

    Anyway, JPG versions of the files are availble in two 12MB zip files here:


    If you want the higher res BMP files for any of these pls just ask, they are in 1400x900 format and about 3MB ea

    Cheers, enjoy!


    PS Looking at modern day photos of the area, the airfield is largely a chalk mine now. So is it not probable that the feature in the Northeast corner of the photo (and both BOBII and 352nds representations) is actually a smaller but functioning chalk mine of the time, and thus not navigable by aircraft/vehicles?)

    Chalk mine on former Warmwell site
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    Default Re: @Deacon: Airfield layout shots from BOB2


    I need to take these files down to make room for others. Will do so on weekend of 20th in case there is anyone who would like them but hasn't copied them yet.

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    Great stuff heinkill, I am sure Deason or Booze will pull this stuff down for their use.


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    Default Re: @Deacon: Airfield layout shots from BOB2

    great job

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