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    Thanks so much for your Guest Mod Installer Package. It works really well. I think I speak for all the HellHounds when I say we all appreicate the work you guys did in making this package and a special thanks for letting us use it.

    Now there seems to be a lot of heat between your package and those folks over at AAA. (yes I can be understated at times) ;D Anyway, I have several mods from them that I would like to install including LAL_RONE's Hanger Mods and a wonderful .psd file that allowed me to make a custom HellHounds HQ building. However the ReadMe's say I need to add lines to filelist.txt and the static.ini. I could not find these files in the MODS folder and the "files" folder in the main folder only contained meshes for the Sutka with no wheel pants. I asked over at AAA but when I mentioned your installer all I got was a raft of crap about...well, crap. Instead of helping they ranted. Kind of funny they were complaining about crediting and authorship when they are using pirated tools. Odd little community they are although there are some good people interspersed here and there.

    So, I figured I would come to the source. Where are these files to be found? If they do not exist, where should I put the text lines, static objects and .tga's associcated with these mods?

    Any and all help is appreciated.
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    The Static.ini file is located in the \\Mods\STD\com\maddox\il2\objects folder.

    ED. Beebop, the file was in IL-2_Mod_352ndVFG_20080628_Guest.exe and the IL-2_Mod_352ndVFG_20080628_Update.exe. But, I can email it to you.

    As far as the filelist.txt, AFAIK, that isn't needed with the "Wrapper.dll" set up that we use.
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    Beebop a couple other things to throw at you. You probably already know this but you'll need an alpha channel for your HQ building in the holes for the porch so it remains transparent, Hopefully the version you have will already have it included when you "Save as" a .tga, its a really fun thing to have. You will also need to shrink the size of your custom HQ for the med res and low res versions. What ever size your high res is cut the next in half for medium and that one in half for your low res version.

    Also get acquainted with the static.ini file and the structure you will see R1's building objects in. Its a good clean way to add the custom objects plus you can modify your static.ini so that it best suits your needs.

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    Coster, thanks. The file was right where you said it was. This will be a big help in installing ohter mods.

    Booze, thanks for the tips. I use Paintshop Pro but as you said it the alpha channel should be there. If it isn't I can always create one. I appreciate the help.

    Gentrs, you guys are great. Perhaps some Saturday evening the 352nd and the HellHounds can get together and have some fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beebop
    ... Perhaps some Saturday evening the 352nd and the HellHounds can get together and have some fun.
    Beebop, we ordinarily don't fly on Saturdays (our flight days are Thursdays and Sundays) but perhaps we can get enough pilots together on a Saturday to share some virtual lead. We'd enjoy that.

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