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Thread: Pointe Du Hoc Screenshots

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    I just wish we could put guns on those cement block houses. I wonder if that kinda thing will be accessible as well. Hmmm.....
    OH! That reminds me.....

    Who was it who wanted to know what Gun Emplacements could hold guns that could actually fire? Booze? I'll send it out tonight.

    "War has a grim purpose and is extremely complex. Sophisticated planning and doctrine are present at every level. Yet at the point of fire battle is the essence of chaos and violence."

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    Wow!! I am really looking forward to this map I have always wanted a 1:1 Channel map to run an Online and Offline Campaign. These pictures look great since this is all work in your free time fellas, what is your idea for release date and is anyone going to put in radar station net? I heard that the where trying to make a mod to work.

    Eagle Squadron

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    Oscar thanks. Would appreciate it whenever you have a chance. ;D

    [ES]Knight thanks for stopping by and your comments. We're not sure exactly when we will release the map we actually just started to discuss it last night. But we'll post something as soon as we know. As far as radar we are putting in the Chain home radar system. With a working MOD, not quite sure yet we'lll have to see how it evolves.

    Best regards,

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    The thing about modding is that release dates are notoriously difficult to predict as the modding is usually an ongoing process and the modders are constantly learning new things and incorporating them into their work. This inevitably leads to release date creep as new improvements are constantly being implemented.
    Usually what happens is that at some stage in the developement when the modders are reasonably satisfied with their work they will reach a stage where they will lock down what will be included in the initial release and any further improvements will go into an update patch. When the modders reach this stage, then more accurate release targets can be announced, but even so they will still just be estimates. as anything can (and usually does) happen in modding. I know it's difficult, but it's best just to wait untill a release is announced as quite often the modders have no more idea of a release date then the public!

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    Thanks Killerwatt, that hits it on the head.

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    One thing the 352 could do for the community and growth would be to put together a self install of the best MODS making it easier as we direct people to here they can get one package all nice and neat.

    Eagle Squadron

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    Check your PMs

    Ahh, isn't he such an Angel?
    How could you possibly shoot at him?

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    Thanks Pers!

    Knight thanks for dropping by.

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    Hello From France
    Just to say that your map is great
    really good job
    on thing
    i think that your cliff is litlle bit too high et to dark
    it is more dark brown than black
    I help R1 to is map of normandy that yiu can see on AAA for this part of work
    so i you can see his Point du Hoc you can see little diffrence.

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