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Thread: The move from the AAA forums

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    Default The move from the AAA forums

    We have had a long discussion within the 352nd Command staff. We have decided that we are not able to continue developing any projects through the AAA site. To this end we have removed all images of our work that are linked to on the AAA forums. We as a group and individuals have great respect and admiration for the work that the AAA founders and those on the AAA forums have done/are doing. We all hope for the continued success of the AAA and of course our own.

    All work on the Cross-Channel map, 8th AF map, and other work will be hosted here.

    352nd VFG Command Staff



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    Does this mean the finished cross channel map and other mods will be posted for D/L here? The reason I ask is that I'm not sure if anyone is even monitoring AAA over there. I tried to register at AAA (see my post under wish list & general) and it seems like the site is no longer working(not for me anyway). ???

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    AAA seems full of corruptions with regards to its downloads too I hardly bother looking there anymore to be honest.

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    Corruptions? :-\ Not too sure where that's coming from...

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    Download links posted on AAA are 98% links to off-site hosting service (non-AAA) locations such as M4T, Mediafire, FileFront, etc. If there are corruption issues with your downloads, it probably doesn't involve AAA but more likely download connections between the hosting service and your location/system.
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    If anyone is having problems with AAA, just talk with FA_Monguse as he is the quality and control manager there. Its a shame to see that any of your future maps won't be made available via AAA. Thats where many people go to view updates on many of the WIP's etc. Why not keep a common standard intact ?

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    thats cool thanx for the info, yeah seems to be rar's are the issue mostly from media fire :/

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    No, I moderate at AAA and respect their opinions. I wasn't a moderator when they left, and was quite involved in the topic that caused it.
    Times have completely changed though, but either way I respect their opinions. I'd be happy to host a topic (an official one) at AAA if they wanted's entirely up to them

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