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Thread: The 352nd VFG and the "Mods"

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    Default The 352nd VFG and the "Mods"

    As most know, the security once protecting IL2 from changes and "closing" the platform has been "broken" and it is now possible to modify or alter many aspects of the simulator. In a lot of ways the changes result in the IL2 platform being more "CFS" like. That's a two-edged sword; changes can be good, but they can also be disastrous.

    The ability to modify the program, and hence to alter the on-line and off-line user experience, has forever altered the game and profoundly affected the IL2 community. Many folks strongly disapprove of any change to the program's code without the approval of the authors, others disapprove of any change to the game at a client level because their sense of security in on-line play is compromised. Others enjoy the results of creative changes. Unfortunately these disparate groups find little common ground between them.

    The 352nd VFG watched the evolution of the "mods" to IL2 with mixed emotions, listening and occasionally participating in the community debate regarding them. But when our members actually tried the "mods", we immediately recognized potential. Historically the 352nd VFG, with its roots in M$'s Combat Flight Simulator series, has always been a contributor to improvements in the simulation we fly. When we saw the ability to enjoy richer sounds and visual effects our interest was piqued. The ability to finally fly four-engined bombers was an added bonus. Finally, the ability to create additional maps in the game was the factor which convinced us that "mods are us".

    We roundly applaud the folks at the AAA site for stepping up and taking a degree of control over the creative forces and helping to channel them in a positive way towards improving the IL2 experience. We quickly joined in their efforts to make the simulator better and more enjoyable than it is already and take pleasure in knowing our efforts have proved fruitful. However, we no longer participate in the AAA forums -- you will not be able to contact us there.

    We developed what we refer to as a "Unified Installer" to add our own squadron's approved "mod package" to the game with "one-click" ease. We updated the UI as new mods are released that met our approval. With the release of the HSFX package we ceased preparing our own UI and adapted the HSFX platform, modifying it slightly to suit our own tastes. Perhaps most importantly, we have a team of hard working creative map-artists, formerly led by 352nd Sgt.Booze, that developed a ETO map, huge in scale and breadth of imagination. During the map creation we have been able to re-create the 352nd Fighter Group's home field at Bodney, England, using actual blue-print-like drawings generously provided us by members of the 352nd Fighter Group Association, to virtually present the airfield as it appeared to the veterans in 1944-45.

    We strictly control the mods we permit and how and when they are used on-line. We respect the opinions of others regarding their adoption of the changes to the simulation recognizing that reasonable people can disagree reasonably.

    The 352nd Virtual Fighter Group is "mod-friendly", and frankly proud of it.

    If you are a guest and want to fly with us but don't have the "mods", we will happily provide you with a "Guest Package" of our Unified Installer. Just drop us a line at PersecutorAT352ndfgDOTcom.

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    Default Re: The 352nd VFG and the "Mods"

    As a new member in cadet status of the 352nd, I can honestly say the improvements in the installer are just that..improvements. The immersion level is such that now I can't stand to turn em off..LOL


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    Default Re: The 352nd VFG and the "Mods"

    and edited slightly.

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    Default Re: The 352nd VFG and the "Mods"

    Great work on the installer gents, it looks great and makes the installation process painless!

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    Default Re: The 352nd VFG and the "Mods"

    This is really another

    We do not publicly distribute our Unified Installer. If you'd like a copy, drop us a PM or an email. Email us at PersecutorAT352ndfgDOTcom.

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    Default Re: The 352nd VFG and the "Mods"

    You guys have really got some great stuff in that mod package. Once you go mod, you won't go back. I can now make a selection of static skins for any cmpn project (including old ones that Ive flown thru the yrs) and just insert the proper folders in the skin mod.
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    Default Re: The 352nd VFG and the "Mods"


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    Default Re: The 352nd VFG and the "Mods"

    One word for ya Pers... "STICKY"

    I know your fingers are getting tired from bumping this one all the time

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    Default Re: The 352nd VFG and the "Mods"


    Ahh, isn't he such an Angel?
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    Default Re: The 352nd VFG and the "Mods"

    I recently flew with you guys on the Yamamoto Mission, and wow I'm hooked on this sim all over again. I have a fresh install with the Unified Mod Installer from AAA, is it the same as the one you are using? Do I need to update mine to have all the proper maps? And thanks so much to You for letting me fly with you it was a blast.

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