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    Latest Update haven't even read it yet.

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    I've now read the article and watched the video and I am now really excited.

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    Promising stuff for sure RJ. Eye-popping graphics.

    But, I still believe the lack of any fast movers (Ok, so an A-10 is not so fast...for atleast 9 months anyway) is going to limit the size of the community for this release. And even though there is a "amateur/rooking" setting its gong to be a tough uphill climb for those of us who aren't tranditionally "rotorheads". Don't get me wrong - I like it. I may even buy it - as a base for the future A-10 release.

    Right now, the only thing on my horizon is the wind, wire and canvas in "Knights of the Sky".

    >>> The Red Baron Returns! <<<
    "War has a grim purpose and is extremely complex. Sophisticated planning and doctrine are present at every level. Yet at the point of fire battle is the essence of chaos and violence."

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