UNOMIG - United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia > Read about them >> HERE <<

This one's for Sammy - where ever you are!

Mission Overview

- You are assigned to a Peacekeeping Force supporting UNOMIG.
- Insurgents in Northern Ossetia aided by Russia are and have been causing disruptions in Southern Ossetia - a part of Georgia
- An overflight by AH-64D's during the night have located what appears to be an insurgent stronghold
- 2 flights of A-10's will depart from Gudata (Operating Location B (OL-B)) and Suhumi (Operating Location A (OL-A)) investigate and eliminate any threats.

Rules of Engagement

- ONLY targets of military significance will be attacked
- Civilians will be protected at all times
- Pilots MUST receive Clearance prior to engagements
- Do not fire unless fired upon

Mission Start Time: 0600
Engines Start: 0615
Taxi Start: 0625
Takeoff: 0630
Flight There: 40m
Time on Target: 20m
Flight Back: 41m
Recovery: 0811

Its ready Just say when!